Courtesy of KUCR

On Saturday, Oct.19,  FM Nights will return to Back to the Grind Coffeehouse in downtown Riverside. FM Nights is a concert series hosted by KUCR every few months that highlights some of the station’s favorite local bands in some of the station’s favorite Riverside community spaces. This week’s event is a five-band bill filled with some of So-Cal’s harshest weirdos.

Opening the show is Vacancy with a brooding dark melodic post-punk with a wicked up tempo kick and an attitude dipped in spite. Get there early to catch their aggressive yet relaxing set.

After that is Caveman Movies. A punchy fuzzed out mess of thick cynicism and malaise. This power duo of drums and distorted bass is as bare-bones as it gets.

Next is GUMS. These Orange County scamps blur the lines of heavy sound with a spectrum of styles that explore hardcore punk, doom-metal and reverb soaked garage rock.

Then Paranoise takes the stage. Relentless hyper-psych rock filled with screeching melting guitars and a speed that just doesn’t stop.

Finally closing out our night is the one and only Happy in Hemet. Freaky death noise for the true oddballs. This power trio’s grossly groovy concoction of sonic ooze is sure to leave you dumbfounded.

No money? No problem! This event is as free as it gets. Not only is admission for all ages free, but we will also be giving out free stickers and pins, as well as debuting our fall quarter zine. Don’t forget to bring a shirt or jacket, as we will be doing free screen printing from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. See you there!