New ASUCR CNAS Senator Jaime Perez discusses his hopes and plans

During week seven, Jaime Perez was appointed as the new CNAS senator by Executive Vice President Abigail Cortes. The second CNAS alternate, Perez is a fourth-year biology major who says he is finally in a position where he can address concerns he has been having in regards to student life on campus. He expressed his gratitude and excitement in filling the vacancy, saying, “EVP Cortes is a person who takes her position very seriously and wants the best for our campus, so I am proud to be appointed by her … and I am happy to be part of ASUCR.”

Perez told The Highlander that his main goal as senator is to maintain a safe, resourceful and comfortable environment for all students at UCR. He says as senator he will, “provide legislation ideas that keeps everyone in a comfortable space” and while he does not see any major issues at UCR he says there are areas that need improvement. Perez wrote, “I think the student body at UCR has done a good job of keeping this campus as safe and as welcoming as possible.” He added that some areas that may need improvement would be parking, student organizations and tuition.

Perez would like the student body to know that he is involved in ASUCR to bring attention to any concerns students may have. He hopes to accomplish these things with the input of his colleagues and the student body and said, “I want to hear concerns or opinions left and right in order for me to bring these concerns up to the senate.”

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