The best restrooms on campus and where to find them

During the peak hours of campus, there is always traffic in the restrooms. Sometimes, there are long lines and it could take several minutes for a stall to open up. Other times, the smell is quite pungent which will make you want to hold your nose. On occasion, the paper towel dispenser will run out of paper towels or the trash can holding the towels will be filled to the brim with the subsequent pieces left to overflow onto the floor. Nevertheless, there are a few restrooms on campus that rarely have these problems and find themselves above the normal standards of what a campus restroom is supposed to entail.

  1. INTN second and third floors

The restrooms on the second and third floor of the INTN building are one of the few places on campus with a unisex private restroom. Since the floors are mostly offices of professors and academic advisors, the building doesn’t get too crowded; thus, there isn’t too much traffic or people fighting to use those restrooms. The restrooms here are usually always clean and maintained on a regular basis.

  1. HUB first floor

There are restrooms near the microwaves that garner a lot of traffic, but many people don’t know about the private restroom on the side of the information desk. Located in the hallway past the printers, there is a private unisex restroom in the HUB. Besides privacy, the restroom also has a free feminine hygiene dispenser with pads and tampons for anyone that needs products. On the third floor of the HUB, there is another restroom similar to the layout of the unisex restroom of the first floor.

  1. Psychology building second floor

The second floor of the Psychology building has restrooms that are fairly modern, as the Psychology building was built during this last decade. On each side of the second floor, there is a male and female restroom. Inside the main stall, there is also a slightly lowered sink within the confinements of the stall, giving easier access to the user or individuals in wheelchairs. Since the building is located on the outskirts of campus behind Olmsted, there aren’t many people who frequent these restrooms.

  1. SRC main floor

At the Student Recreation Center (SRC), there is a private unisex restroom located right in the middle before the entrances of the locker rooms. Considering the fact that the SRC is of the more populated places on campus, restrooms and locker rooms here don’t have as much feeling of privacy as the other locations on campus. However, because of the high traffic of people there are always student staff members patrolling the recreation center during their hours of operation so the restrooms are cleaned and maintained more often. In addition to being a unisex restroom, it also includes a shower inside.