With this newspaper issue being the last of the school year, it has made me look back and recall some of the memorable games and achievements in UCR athletics this season. In a year, where many Highlanders teams struggled, there were some great feats accomplished. The men’s basketball game versus CSU Long Beach was an amazing game to watch. However, the men’s basketball team also had a very strong season overall. Seeing the men’s soccer team defying the odds by beating nationally ranked opponents over and over again was a treat to watch. The opening of the new track stadium and being able to see UCR’s track and field team finally compete at home was another memorable moment. It was also something I thought I would never see in my time here. Many things have happened this year. So which one stands out the most?

In my opinion, the dual track meet versus Santa Barbara is my most memorable moment of the year. Why? To be honest I am slightly biased, being a high school track athlete myself and a fan of the sport. But a new track stadium was desperately needed for years, and finally this year a new track stadium was opened. I imagine it was a big moment for all individuals in the track and field department to be be able to show their talent and hard work to the community. The new track also helps the athletes compete at a higher level by being able to practice on a competition worthy track.

I would also like to take the time and thank the UCR athletic department media relations and Brian Wickstrom for all their help this year. I would also like to give out a big thank you to Coach Nate Browne who has been extremely helpful in answering any of my questions throughout the year on my coverage of the cross country and track and field teams.