UC Riverside’s “Last Laugh” comedy show is bringing one of our generation’s most iconic comedians, the Wayans Brothers, to campus for a night of raw humor and comedy that has made the Wayans a household name. For many students, the Last Laugh show presents an opportunity to see the dynamic pair of brothers in an outlet other than television or the silver screen—where the Shawn and Marlon Wayans have dominated with hit movies such as White Chicks and their self-titled show that aired on the WB network during the late 90’s.

“[University students] are in the thick of actually growing up so they’re a little bit more edgier than some other crowds. And that’s some of the fun, you have a little wild side to them,” stated Shawn Wayans, when asked about his approach to college student audiences. As pointed out during the Highlander’s exclusive interview with Shawn Wayans, attendees of the show will be able to experience an extension of the Wayans’ television humor mixed with the duo’s take on current events. “My comedy is always inspired by life–I take stuff that’s going on around me in life, some of it is straight out of my own life. And then some of it is just life in general…from music to politics to film to television. Whatever is urking me at the time, I’ll write about,” stated Wayans.

The pair have last appeared in movies such as 2009’s Dance Flick and 2006’s Littleman, which featured the Wayans Brothers’ writing and acting talents coupled with the directing oversight of their nephew (Damien Wayans) and brother (Keenen Wayans). For countless other students, the Last Laugh show also presents the chance to see the fabled writers and actors of the movie, “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.” The film, which was released in 1996, has since become a cult-classic among college-aged individuals. In each case, comedy is a family enterprise whose results are evident in the on-screen chemistry and charisma shared by the two brothers and their family members. “It’s fun when we get together. There’s a certain chemistry and magic that we all have. We have a good time and I think the audience can tell that we enjoy working with each other,” stated Wayans in an interview with the Highlander.

Shawn noted that the upcoming year will hold plenty of more Wayans Brothers comedy. The actor/comedian/writer/director due will continue with their stand-up shows and are working on new movies and television programs.

Tickets for the Last Laugh can still be purchased online at Ticketmaster or in person at the UCR Fine Arts Ticket Office. The cost is $12 for UCR students with a school ID, and $20 for non-UCR students. The event will take place on Thursday, May 31, at the Student Rec Center (doors open at 7:30 p.m., show begins at 8 p.m.).