Nov. 12, 2012
Highlanders 79 – Pepperdine 71

UC Riverside’s women’s basketball team traveled to Malibu to take on Pepperdine on Monday, Nov. 12 following a tough loss to open the season. The women survived a late push by Pepperdine after getting off to a hot start to move to 1-1 on the season.

The Highlanders broke out of the gate leading it 16-8, led by Tre’Shonti Nottingham’s six points and eventually took another huge run later in the first half to take a 42-23 lead, before the Pepperdine wolves scored the half’s last six points to end the half with the score at 44-29. However, despite the strong finish by Pepperdine at the half, UC Riverside shot over 50 percent from the field, and even outran the pack of Wolves with 14 fast break points, easily scoring in transition.

The second half would not be so kind to the Highlander women, as a large run by Pepperdine would cut UC Riverside’s lead down to size, eventually resulting in a 71-71 tie. Pepperdine used three pointers to open the half with a 15-3 run and another run of 12-2 to cut UC Riverside’s lead. However, Pepperdine’s run was not enough as late free throws by Highlander Kiara Harewood and a career high 29 points for Nottingham sealed a close game.

Nov. 15, 2012
Highlanders 94 – Utah State 90 OT

Utah State struggled from the field in the first half, but a late comeback that was capped off by a late three pointer, sent UC Riverside close to the edge of defeat. However, UC Riverside battled back in overtime to play defense and capture a win against a tough team to improve to 2-1 in regular season play.

The game opened with a strong run by Utah State, as they sprinted out to a 17-3 run. Tre’Shonti Nottingham, the hero of the late thriller against Pepperdine, was the only person to score during the run, drilling a three pointer two minutes into the half. But, turnovers and fouls let Utah get out ahead. UC Riverside then went on a huge 17- 9 run and with 11 minutes left, the score was 21-20 in Utah State’s favor.

Natasha Hadley and Brittany Crain drilled shots that led UC Riverside to an explosive run, outscoring Utah State 19-4 by halftime with the score at 39-30 UC Riverside.

The offensive side looked to have the game in the bag. However, Utah State used some second chance points and layups to chip away at the lead. With just 16 seconds left, Utah State Center Franny Vaaulu hit a clutch three pointer to tie the game at 81 a piece. UC Riverside came out in overtime led by Nottingham who would drill four clutch free throws to seal the deal for UC Riverside.

Nov.18, 2012
Highlanders 75 – Bakersfield 63

Tre’Shonti Nottingham dropped 29 points again, proving to be an adept scorer and offensive catalyst for UC Riverside, as the Highlander went on to beat CSU Bakersfield 75-63. UC Riverside has been on a roll since their first loss of the season, beating Pepperdine, Utah State and now Bakersfield.

Nottingham notched an incredible 15 free throws, scoring over 20 points in her third straight game as she set a record for most free throws made in a game for UC Riverside. Brittany Crain also notched 15 points for UC Riverside as the second leading scorer. The game seemed to dictate a less offensive approach for UC Riverside. They shot just 32 percent in the second half, compared to 44 percent in the first half. It would be UC Riverside’s stingy defense that would alter Bakersfield’s flow and hold them to under 40 percent from the field the entire game.

A large run in the second half from the Highlanders gave Riverside a comfortable lead, but Bakersfield came within five points with just over five minutes remaining, the score at 58-53. However, Brittany Crain showed her clutch gene to score the next six points, and UC Riverside closed out the game strong.