Sports editor Kendall Peterson.

New photo w/hoodie.The 2012-13 NFL season was amazing. Adrian Peterson from the Minnesota Vikings was eight yards shy (2,097) of breaking Eric Dickerson’s record (2,105) for most rushing yards in a single season.

This season saw three amazing rookie quarterbacks, Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson, Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III,  and Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck, lead their teams to the playoffs.

Finally, when the NFL season ended, seven coaches and six General Manager’s were fired because the lack of production from their teams.

This year the NFL playoffs have been just as amazing.  Peyton Manning, in his first year with the Denver Broncos changed the team into Super Bowl contenders. Personally, I thought the Broncos would have gone to the Super Bowl, however, Manning and the Broncos fell short to the Baltimore Ravens.

Then, what should have been a competitive match between the Houston Texans and New England Patriots, ended up being a walk in the park for the Patriots. New England crushed the Texans and will go on to face the Ravens in a must watch for the AFC Championship.

The San Francisco 49ers have advanced on to the NFC championship against the Atlanta Falcons. I thought that the 49ers were going to have a difficult time advancing in the playoffs, however, they proved me wrong. Colin Kaepernick was flawless passing 17-for-31 for 263 yards with two touchdowns. He also rushed 16 times for 181 yards and scored two rushing touchdowns.

He was the complete package helping his team beat the Packers. The 49ers in my opinion can make it to the Super Bowl and possibly win it all. They have great defense, their offense is coming around and it helps when Kaepernick is playing his best football.

Super Bowl XLVII is approaching fast. No matter who winds up in the Super Bowl this year, fans are guaranteed a great game.