Don’t exactly have the moves like Jagger? How would you like to smell like him instead? Better yet, how would you like to smell like Adam Levine? The pop-rock god is now advancing his influence to the world of fragrance—currently overrun by the female persuasion—with the introduction of his new scent, which is rumored to be called 222. As if being a triple threat wasn’t enough, between dominating the music charts, coaching on the “The Voice” and reading lines for “American Horror Story: Asylum,” Levine has taken the time to create not only one but two fragrances for both men and women. Finally, the answer to my prayers!

Now I know what you’re thinking: another celeb with their own fragrance line? Shocker. But with a sultry singing voice like that, how can you deny anything of this man? Set to be released in May of this year, details on the exact nature of the scents are pretty mum.

Not really a fan of Levine, but still want to smell exceptional? I can respect that. When searching for your signature scent, here are some things to consider:

Duration: How long does the scent stay on? In other words, how long until your natural body odor breaches an innocent pair of nostrils? Select a cologne/perfume with lasting results.

Pricing and Quantity: Be prepared to spend a pretty penny, but make sure it’s worth it. The bottle may look nice, but don’t be fooled. Unless it comes from the teardrops of a unicorn, or God Himself, there is no need to spend above and beyond for a tiny bottle.

Rating: According to the standards of your friends, significant other or professionals, how does the fragrance measure up? How about when it comes to other fragrances?

Scent: How much do you really like the scent? After all, you are the one who’s going to wear it, not that insanely airbrushed model on the box.

Whichever way you choose to go about it, choose what works best for your personality and lifestyle. The best thing about fragrances is that they never go out of style. Your preference will always be “in”—as long as it’s sweet-smelling, of course. How nice (or awful) you smell can leave a lasting impression, so make sure it’s a good one.