Austin AndresFeb. 1, 2013
Aggies 4 – Highlanders 0

UC Riverside men’s tennis lost 4-0 to New Mexico State University in their first game in Las Vegas. The Aggies won the doubles matches handedly, winning 8-2.

The Highlanders lost the singles matches in straight sets in games three to five. Kevin Griffin and Marcus Vinzcarra lost in the first doubles match 8-2 to New Mexico State’s Luis Ramirez and Marc Westgate. Highlander’s duo of Luis Gastao and Simon Peters lost the third game with the same result 8-2 to Daniel Fernandez and Paul Denele.

Calvin Ngo lost two sets (6-3) (6-3) in the third game against Daniel Hernandez. Kevin Griffin lost two sets (6-1) (6-3) to Paul Denele. Kelly Dickson lost in two straight sets with the scores (6-2) (6-2) against Patrick Pfister.

Julian Ruffin, Luis Gastao and Marcus Vizcarra’s singles matches were not finished due to the point system of the tournament format. Julian Ruffin and Calvin Ngo’s doubles match also ended unfinished.

Feb. 2, 2013
Golden Eagles 4 – Highlanders 0

On the second day of the tournament in Las Vegas, the UCR men’s tennis team lost 4-0 against USM from the Conference USA. In the doubles matches, Griffin and Vizcarra were defeated by Southern Mississippi’s tandem of Frost and and Goodwin 8-1 in game one.

UCR’s tandem of Ruffin and Ngo had a valiant effort in game two but fell 8-4 against Valverde and Belloso for USM. Game three for Roberts and Peters never finished because Mississippi had already gained enough points to end the match.

In singles action, the Highlanders lost games one, two and four. Jimmy Roberts lost to Matt Frost for Southern Miss (6-1) (6-2). Julian Ruffin lost (6-1) 6-2) to USM’s Andrew Goodwin. Calvin Ngo was defeated (6-3) (6-3) to Vasco Valverde for Southern Miss.

Luis Gastao, Simon Peters and Peter Vizcarra’s matches for the Highlanders ended unfinished because USM gained enough points to end the singles competition.

Feb. 3, 2013
Rebels 7 – Highlanders 0

Three games in Las Vegas resulted with a 0-3 shutout weekend for the UC Riverside men’s tennis team after another loss 0-7 against the University of Nevada Las Vegas out of the Mountain West.

In doubles action, Kevin Griffin and Marcus Vizcarra were defeated 8-1 against Schoeman and Matias. The tandem of Simon Peters and Jimmy Roberts lost 8-3 to Berman and DiLaura.  Julian Ruffin and Calvin Ngo’s match against Johannes Markel and Tamas Batyi ended unfinished.

All singles matches were completed as the Highlanders were defeated in all six contests. Jimmy Roberts lost (6-1) (6-2) to Ace Matias. Julian Ruffin was defeated (6-4), (6-1) vs Tamas Batyi. Luis Gastao fell (6-2) (6-2) to Gilad Berman. Calvin Ngo was ousted (6-1) (6-2) against Johannes Markel.

Kevin Griffin forced a tiebreaker but lost (1-6) (6-3) (1-0) vs Carlos Di Laura. Kelly Dickson was defeated in two sets (6-4) (6-2) against Willie Sublette. Coming back to Riverside, the men’s tennis team look to avenge those losses as they play Riverside Community College at 7 p.m at Andulka Park for their first home game.