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Up and coming artist and Long Beach native Seafood Sam has returned in short supply yet good fashion with his new project “Elroy” EP. This five-track piece is truly a groove, and I enjoyed where he went with this one. Seafood Sam doesn’t seem to have an issue with wearing his influences on his sleeve, whether it’s with the groovy West Coast beats or his slick lyricism to display his influences. I was surprised to hear back so soon from Seafood Sam seeing as how he had dropped earlier this year the funky yet new school tape “Backwards Skate Only,” a tape that I felt evoked exactly what the title disclaimed: a summer skate sesh with some friends having a good time. This time around, while it is quick and to the point, he really hit the ground running; there’s wavy production and smooth lyrics riddled all over this thing. 

I really enjoyed the intro track “Hood Vogue,” which Seafood had previously posted a snippet of on his Instagram, and the nostalgic 90s rhythm and blues (R&B) production sold me instantly. The chords, rhythmic bass alongside beautiful background vocals make for a memorable track. While Seafood may be more of a local star, it’s clear that those who do listen to him know how consistent he is as an artist. From his earliest tapes to even his breakout record “Dior Velour,” Sam showed a lot of his versatility lyrically as well as his influences without wearing them on his sleeve, as if he is trying to emulate them. His most recent full length prior to this EP “Backwards Skate Only” may have been a tad longer, but his latest release has a lot of the same elements and still stands toe to toe with it despite being only five tracks. After each release, I feel he gets more exposure every time he drops, with more people gravitating towards his sound. I for one truly appreciate an artist that cannot only challenge himself musically but can also stay consistent while still staying true to themselves. Whether it’s through how they pick their beats or how they decide to attack a song, Seafood Sam doesn’t have a problem with doing either when it comes to releasing new music. Another moment in the project I really liked was the production; each song has a saxophone in the background that really helps tie the EP together and shows its cohesiveness. 

For such a short body of work, Seafood wasted no time with his bars by dropping gems for the younger generations while also reminiscing on his past, as well as acknowledging his ascending career. From the wavy West Coast beats to his Long Beach swagger infused lyrics, Seafood Sam’s soul and creativity separates him from his local contemporaries. He may not have the largest following, but to the ones that do listen to his music, they know that he always comes through with the smoothest sounds. Since I first stumbled on his music with his breakout project “Dior Velour” in 2019, I have witnessed the growth of his sound over the past year with his latest releases. There are some albums that are best played in headphones, a car or on a Bluetooth speaker. I for one think it’s one of those records you get in the car and ride to with the windows down or one to listen to on a Sunday evening while washing your car before the sun goes down. 

Verdict: This EP is a quick reminder why a watchful eye needs to be kept on Seafood Sam. With his smooth grooves and astute yet unctuous poetics, it won’t be long before we see Seafood Sam reach new heights in his career. While this project is short, it is also sweet and to the point with a cohesive and soulful production that compliments Sam’s lyricism.