Domestic abuse is the most dangerous side effect of quarantine

Courtesy of Pexels

As a result of lockdowns, domestic violence rates have skyrocketed worldwide, putting many families in danger. With nowhere to go and rules keeping people at a distance from one another, people have lost their connection with others, and tensions in households have escalated. In order to help domestic abuse survivors during the pandemic, resources need to be smarter and readily available over the phone. Methods such as key words or phrases should also be put in place for a survivor to indicate whether they are in danger or not. Additionally, just as hotels have been used to house the homeless during the pandemic, they need to also be used to aid those who are escaping their abusers. 

Domestic violence as a consequence of the pandemic has increased globally, and whether this has to do with financial strain, lack of personal space or stress from the virus, it has become a concerning issue resulting from lockdowns. There does not seem to be enough substantial media attention about this, given all of the other news in the world. As a result, victims are most likely suffering alone in silence. If more awareness is brought to this issue, resources and housing would become more accessible for those to escape their abusive environments.

Now that everything is digital, there needs to be a more efficient way for survivors to get help. Many abusers use phones to spy on their partners — this is why there needs to be a more organized system that utilizes code words via text or phone call in order for survivors to let helplines know when they are in trouble. Although some establishments may already have this in place, there needs to be a more organized effort, and there needs to be more attention brought to these resources. This is the only socially distanced way that a survivor will get the help they need, so it is of the utmost importance that these relief systems are organized for effectiveness.

In order for survivors to be safely relocated to an innocuous environment, hotels and motels should be made readily available. Over the course of the pandemic, the homeless were granted safe haven in clean hotel rooms. This resource should be extended to domestic violence survivors. Additionally, universities should use their vacant student housing and convert them into apartments for these people and their children as well. These methods not only give aid to those affected by domestic violence, but they also bring profit to hotels and campuses so that they do not have to do mass employee layoffs. 

People have been blindsided by the pandemic and have not paid much attention to the side effects that come as a result of it. Just because there is a pandemic going on does not mean other dangerous issues should be ignored. There needs to be more attention given to those who are suffering from domestic violence so that they can get the help they deserve. If more people face the reality of the dangers that the pandemic puts these individuals in, the doors for more effective resources and available housing are bound to open.