ASUCR senators provide updates on the affairs of CHASS

On March 3, ASUCR’s CHASS senators met with the Interim Dean of CHASS Juliet McMullin to discuss budget cuts, classroom density for fall 2021, the current academic regulations for spring 2021, student efforts to implement an American Sign Language class at UCR and the current status of creating a Black Studies Department.

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CHASS is currently anticipating an 11% budget cut that could lead to potential faculty shortages and a reduction in resources for undergraduates and graduate students alike. In her meeting with CHASS senators, McMullin told students that CHASS has an initiative to protect the TA budget from being cut. CHASS senators proposed the creation of a working group of campus organizations and administrators in order to collectively lobby UCOP for equitable funding. 

Based on their conversation with McMullin, CHASS senators anticipate that fall 2021 courses with more than 250 students will take place online. A number of secondary activities, like discussions, may also be online. CHASS aims to have 75% of all “course-earning classes” (classes that have units) be in person for fall 2021. 

CHASS senators and a representative from the American Sign Language Club also presented their advocacy and research to implement an ASL course at UCR to the dean. The proposed ASL course is subject to approval from the Academic Senate. 

A proposal to create a Black Studies Department was also discussed in the meeting. The current proposal is being spearheaded by a faculty working group who are in the stages of submitting their proposal for approval. In order to be approved, it must pass the CHASS Executive Committee and the Academic Senate. A Black Studies Department once existed at UCR, but it was dismantled in the 1980s due to budget cuts.

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