NIB: Graduating students discuss their time at UCR

Grad Students – Courtesy of UCR News

The official end of the 2020-2021 school year is drawing nearer, meaning a new cohort of graduates will soon be parting from UCR. Though this school year came with many new and unprecedented challenges and hardships, many soon-to-be graduates look upon their last handful of years at UCR with definite fondness.

The Highlander spoke to some graduating seniors about their experiences at UCR and what plans they have for the future.

Brian Lee, fourth-year business administration major:

Brian Lee affirmed that his time at UCR was enjoyable overall, though he admitted that there were some downsides to attending the university, like the stiflingly hot weather, poor air quality and general lack of desirable amenities around and outside of campus. Still, he added that the time he spent at UCR was generally a “great balance of academics and fun.” Some of Lee’s most memorable moments include UCR’s highly anticipated Associated Student Program Board’s special events, like Block Party and Spring Splash.

In regards to preparing for the future, Lee stated that he is currently sprucing up his resume with an overseas internship based in Hong Kong. Upon finishing the allotted time with his current employer, Lee hopes to find a corporate entry level management position.

Kaitlyn Herr, fourth-year psychology major:

Others, like Kaitlyn Herr, made some of their best memories through becoming a member of one or more of UCR’s many extracurricular or cultural organizations. Some of her greatest experiences start and end with Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity she joined her first year. “I was lucky enough to meet incredible people that are practically like family to me now,” she explained. Herr also added that one of the other things that she will miss most about UCR are the ASPB concerts and events.

After graduation, Herr is planning on entering into graduate healthcare studies; she will be attending the accelerated nursing program at Chicago’s Loyola University for the first time this summer.

Brandon Liu, fourth-year business management major:

Brandon Liu told The Highlander in no uncertain terms that committing to UCR was “one of the best decisions” he has ever made. He expressed gratitude for the large star-studded ASPB concerts that UCR hosts, but commented that that is secondary when compared to the interpersonal relationships he was able to forge.

During his time at the university, he stated that he was able to make lifelong friendships with people from all over California, an opportunity that he would not have had if he had stayed in Northern California. As a result, in the future, he is hoping to find job opportunities around Southern California so he will be able to stay in the area. To Liu, it is the seemingly little moments and memories that comprise the larger picture. “Memories of studying in the library, walking to class together, club activities, and much more will be the things I won’t forget for a long time,” he concluded.

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