Dear Editor,

Students are too preoccupied with assignments, work and life to figure out school resources. 

UCR relies on students to do their job. At a CALPIRG meeting, I found out about the existence of the Grocery Support Program the school offers.  What’s the point of having these resources when the students are unaware of their existence? 

This is a recurring issue at the university, where many of the resources are talked about by students rather than the staff. The university should not leave this job up to students. Many students have to juggle their studies, work, extracurricular activities and internships to ensure that they are fit to be in the competitive work industry. It is unreasonable for students to be expected to find these resources while paying high amounts of money in tuition.  

The university needs to advertise its resources better to reach every student on campus. After all, every university’s goal should be to assist students. A good way to start would be with professors. Implementing an additional page with the resources on their syllabuses would be helpful. Additionally, professors should constantly mention the resources throughout their course. 

That’s why I joined the Zero Hunger Campaign on CALPIRG to shed light on the issue. I hope for the chancellor to commit to Zero Hunger while taking responsibility to promote the resources on campus for all students. 


Sunny Escalante 

Second-Year Film Major

University of California, Riverside


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