Dear Editor,

I will be the first in my family to live away from home next year, so learning that 6 out of 10 students experience food insecurity makes me nervous, mainly because students are not receiving the necessary resources for proper nutrition. As a first generation student, I wonder how many students skip meals to avoid another financial worry. Without a proper meal, students face another educational obstacle, and this is a problem that should be urgently addressed. 

UCR can help students through affordable meal plans for undergraduate and graduate students. Instead of disposing of food, the campus can give it to students that cannot afford to buy an extra meal. R’ Pantry and R’Garden can take stronger initiatives to combat food insecurity by collaborating with the dining halls. 

It is important for UCR to commit to helping its students overcome food insecurity. 

As a CALPIRG intern that has worked with the Zero Hunger Campaign, I understand that students have a voice that needs to be heard, and it is important now more than ever to hear their voices especially when combating an issue like food insecurity. 


Jazmin Anguiano

University of California, Riverside


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