Dear Highlanders,

On March 6, 2013, the ASUCR Senate passed a Resolution that I openly opposed
during the Senate meeting. I continue to strongly disagree with the resolution. I
understand the importance of creating an environment for students to express their
beliefs; however, I believe that this effort of divestment encourages biases instead of
reconciliation, and creates counter productive hostilities that divide the UCR
campus. I came to this conclusion by weighing the intentions of the Resolution
against the toll on our campus climate, and most importantly our student body.

My main concern stems from numerous students who have expressed that this
particular resolution is hurtful, contains inaccurate facts, and does not create a safe
learning environment for many students at the University of California, Riverside.

The resolution itself marginalizes a significant community of UC students and does
not promote efforts of dialogue and peace both on campus and in the Middle
East.  Unfortunately, the resolution was passed, and per ASUCR’s new constitution,
my position was unable to vote. This resolution does not represent the values of our
entire campus constituency, nor does it represent the views of all of our elected

I do not support this resolution as it fails to establish solutions or promote peace.
As the undergraduate student body president, I will always stand against anything
that divides our campus community.


Liam Dow
ASUCR President