With Halloween quickly approaching, here are a few spooky stories to scare the pants off of you!

Ouija Board Knocks Back 

Found on Mashable, Reddit user ExrementCranium shares a story of seven friends sitting together in a dark and dingy basement late at night. As the night went on, the friends began to explore the mounds of boxes piled sky high. They found a dusty ouija board crammed between an old Christmas sweater and golf clubs. The friends proposed that they play with the board. “Might as well,” they thought. A girl began to ask questions; thinking it was a joke, she continued to mess with the board. After a couple of minutes, the girl found out she was communicating with the spirit of a 10-year-old child who was buried on the property 100 years ago. Still not convinced, one of the friends proposed they ask the board to prove itself. So the girl asked the spirit to prove itself. The board began to slowly and ever so creepily spell out K – N – O – C – K letter by letter. Once the board had finished, the room became deadly silent. Suddenly, the friends heard three knocks on the window. There was no one outside. They quickly got away from the board, stuffing it back into the grimy corner they found it in. 

No One Steals Twice  

Found on Reader’s Digest, contributing author Taylor Markarian describes this spooky mystery. Jen was a cashier at a convenience store in the middle of rural Alabama. As she usually did, Jen’s friend, Lucy, walked into the store looking to buy some snacks. Out of curiosity, Lucy asked Jen, “What happens if someone steals something from the store?” Making a sly grin, Jen answered, “No one ever steals twice from this store.” Lucy left the store feeling more confused than ever. About a week later, Lucy did her usual after-school run to the store, but this time, she saw Jen talking to the police. Eavesdropping on the conversation, Lucy heard Jen say to the cops, “A man walked in here last night and stole a bag of chips.” The cops then informed Lucy that the man who stole from the store had died in a car accident last night after stealing the chips because of a problem with his brakes. No one ever steals twice.

The Curse of The Eldest Son 

Found on Reader’s Digest, writer Taylor Markarian tells a tale of Inaya who migrated with his parents from Pakistan when he was 10 years old. Before his parents were married, Inaya’s father was engaged to a woman he was not very fond of, so he broke it off. Following this immense heartbreak, this woman began to practice black magic in hopes of getting revenge on Inaya’s father for breaking her heart. When Inaya was five years old, his father ran into this woman at the market. She spouted outrageous claims about putting a curse on his family and that his eldest son would not make it to adulthood. In fact, Inaya’s brother, the eldest son, died in a car accident on his 18th birthday, never making it to manhood.