Traditionally, the concept of superheroes has always been restricted to morally strict individuals who simply do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. As of late, there is a new type of superhero taking shape in the form of the anti-hero. The typical anti-hero is perceived as a villain, but by the end of the movie, viewers understand that in reality, these characters are in a weird middle ground between hero and villain. With Marvel Studios becoming such a huge staple company in the entertainment industry, it is time to take a genuine look at anti-heroes and whether they are the future of Hollywood films.

Before jumping into anything concrete, we must first understand why this type of hero is so popular among fans and what characteristics make a great anti-hero. With Marvel heroes like Wade Wilson, better known as “Deadpool,” fans are introduced to a highly-comedic individual who doesn’t necessarily want to live a hero’s life but is forced to when things turn personal.  That is the most important thing to realize: anti-heroes typically do things for selfish reasons, but still end up doing the right thing for the wrong reason. Unlike other superheroes we have come to love like Captain America, characters like Deadpool do not live by a moral code and essentially do whatever is necessary to reach the end goal. Though the journey may get much messier, are these anti-heroes good or bad? The right answer to this question is both.  

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Viewers, in recent years, have been obsessed with characters like Deadpool or Venom, not only because they are entertaining and comical, but also because they are relatable to the everyday person. With other types of heroes, they are self-assured, but anti-heroes often take a personal journey throughout a film because they are battling internal demons while trying to save others which resonates with viewers. Life is not all black and white, and more often than not, the road gets twisted. Anti-heroes are far more relatable to the viewing public because they actually face real-life issues and moral dilemmas that we don’t often see in a stereotypical superhero movie. 

Moving forward, it is obvious that Marvel has a tight grip on the movie industry currently, but if they continue to put out the same type of films that they started with, this grip might begin to loosen. With the “Avengers” films and the other phases of Marvel’s past, fans have gotten their fair share of the typical hero, so it may now be time to focus on anti-heroes.  

So far, all of the anti-hero movies that have been released almost all focus on the character as an individual, but as fans are getting to know more about these characters, it’s time to bring them together. For instance, we have definitely seen this with the popularity of “Suicide Squad,” and fans’ obsession with various characters.

Aside from making more anti-hero movies, companies should try and focus on possibly bringing in more of these types of characters in their respective universes, as their popularity is only beginning to grow. The concept of an anti-hero is no longer one that pertains to only superhero type films. In today’s world, even shows about everyday life like, “Peaky Blinders,” introduce anti-hero characters. The main character, Thomas Shelby is often committing crimes for the protection of his own family, and with five seasons currently out, clearly something is resonating with fans.

The future is clearly screaming out for more entertainment featuring anti-heroes, and it is safe to say that fans are waiting anxiously. The traditional hero has definitely had its time in the spotlight, but it is time to take everything in a different direction and put more focus on the far-more relatable characters like Venom, Yelena and Deadpool.