Courtesy of Funimation

“Attack on Titan” has a lengthy storyline with brilliant easter eggs and outstanding animation. Many fans have been following the show ever since its manga counterpart was released in 2009 by Hajime Isayama. As his first ever publication, Isayama’s post-apocalyptic world turned into a best-selling manga that eventually became a must-watch show. 

The story centers around Eren Jaeger (Yuki Kaji), Mikasa Ackerman (Yui Ishikawa) and Armin Arlert (Marina Inoue) who live in a world run by Titans, man-eating creatures that have been deprived of food for nearly a century. After their district within Wall Maria is obliterated by the Colossal and Armored Titans, the trio flees to find sanctuary within Wall Rose. The event traumatizes each of these characters, especially Eren when he witnesses the savage murder of his mother by a Titan, leading him to vow the vanquishing of every single Titan that comes across his path. His anger pushes him to join the Scout Regiment, with Mikasa and Armin following in his footsteps. Their new lives welcome memorable characters for viewers as they train and endure the reality of their burdened world. 

Known for its gruesome content, “AOT” not only depicts the depletion of humanity but also the politicized world that grows within season three. War crimes amount over each other when the Scout Regiment decides to go against their government’s commands, causing a shift in the storyline of the show. The world of “AOT” was always about discovering the origin of Titans, and once it was known, the story shifts its focus on political agendas and the inevitable result of war between nations. 

Before part two’s first episode aired on Jan. 9, fans were left dying in curiosity about Eren’s fate after betraying the entire Scout’s battalion along with his loyal followers, the Jaegerists. Now yielding the power of the Founding Titan, his mission to create the rumbling with his half-brother Zeke (Takehito Koyasu) leads to the eventual downfall and mistrust between Eren and his longtime scout friends. His determination to bring down all of the walls containing the Colossal Titans who have guarded humanity for the last century appears to be stronger than ever in the last episode of season four, part one. On the other side, the scouts are also determined to stop Eren’s plan from happening due to the extreme possibility that Eren seizes for the euthanization of all Paradis civilians once the rumbling is taken care of. 

“AOT” knows how to surprise fans in the very last moment when success feels so close. The first episode of part two opens with a devastating and possible goodbye as Zeke escapes from the clutches of Captain Levi Ackerman (Hiroshi Kamiya). Meanwhile, Eren deals with the surprise attack by the nation of Marley where he battles his old-time frenemy, Reiner (Yoshimasa Hosoya), also known as the Armored Titan, who caused the destruction of Eren’s district years before. As the two fight, Armin manages to convince the rest of the Scouts that Eren’s intentions may not be what they seem. His manipulative skills pull the scouts from their mistrust, and they begrudgingly agree to aid Eren. 

There is no doubt that Eren will be the cause of every characters’ emotional damage. Even if his intentions remain unknown, he has still severed the bonds between him and the scouts. Eren’s actions from the first episode in season four resulted in a number of casualties, including the death of foodie-lover Sasha (Yū Kobayashi). His overall personality drifts away from the young Eren that many fans came to love. The ambition he once held to eliminate every Titan has been replaced with unknown intentions that the show has yet to reveal. 

Now with each character as young adults, there is a sense of despair between each one as they hope to end the war that has cursed their lives for years. “AOT” has always displayed the want of peace that every character craves. They have become tired of the never-ending cycle of violence and death that looms over their heads like storm clouds in the sky. 

The show’s action-based sequences aren’t the only factor that captivates fans; it is also the potent emotion that each season brings. The endearing friendships that have developed over the course of the show’s run prove just how well fictional characters can bury themselves in the crevices of fans’ hearts. Loss, hope and friendship are just a few of the themes that are highlighted and emphasized throughout the beginning of part two. It is a definite continuation of the show’s emotional arc that does not fail to keep fans from biting their nails in both anticipation and anxiety.

Verdict: Season four, part two of “Attack on Titan” will be an emotional and shocking ride as we say goodbye to unforgettable characters and an everlasting storyline that will forever delight generations to come.