The ASUCR Student Voice Committee has just released their survey results for the COVID-19/Return to Campus Survey. Surveyors asked numerous questions to students pertaining to the return to campus back in fall 2021. 

Most of the answers to the survey swing favorably toward fully returning to on-campus instruction. When asked questions about mental health, GPA and job prospects, many students agree that online school was less favorable than an in-person education. 

For instance, question 13 on the survey asked, “Has remote learning and/or COVID-19 restrictions negatively impacted your mental health? (including feelings of sadness, depression, loneliness, stress, etc.).” The survey revealed that out of all responding students, 59.4% of them chose “yes.” Additionally, question 16 asked, “To what extent do you agree with the following statement: COVID-19 Restrictions (including online classes, remote learning, staying isolated) have impacted my future career plans (including career interest, job/internship availability, networking opportunities, etc.).” The survey revealed that out of all respondents, 46.1% expressed that they somewhat agreed.

The survey results were released to all students, and many have been responding to it via Reddit. And while some argue that these results do not encapsulate the entire student body and that these results are easy to come up with, a large majority of students are hopeful that the outcome will help bring instruction back to in person again. 

One Reddit user argued, “There were barely any recorded transmissions at UCR all Fall quarter. I know cases are up currently but it raises the question … How many people should have to get sick to change to online? Also important to note that this variant is less dangerous compared to the previous variant that were at that point used to justify shutting down.”

Another user shared, “It’s the way that UCR handles it’s decision on online vs in person that people get angry at, including myself.”

Though students express that school should be brought back in-person, the results show that other needs must be met if this were to happen. Question 11 on the survey asked, “What additional resources do you want available on campus?” As a result, 30.1% of students selected “COVID-19 tests,” 36% of students selected “masks,” 31.4% of students selected “sanitizers” and 2.5% of students selected “other.”

Students are patiently waiting to come back to campus, and this survey reflects this. However, the results also show that students believe UCR has to implement more standards for safety that need to be met and maintained. 

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