Starbucks - Courtesy of Starbucks
Starbucks – Courtesy of Starbucks

Breaking out of routine is hard in any situation, let alone when it comes to our Starbucks orders. With the rise of social media such as TikTok, trends have skyrocketed. Wild Starbucks drinks in particular have been making headway, with unique creations that have everyone rushing to try. With Valentine’s season upon us, new secret menu items have begun popping up. Whether you prefer cold iced coffees or blended frappuccinos, there is something new for everyone to enjoy.  

Located on the corner of University Avenue lies one of the many Starbucks located near campus. With options of walking in or if you’re in a hurry, the drive thru is always available. Walking in, you immediately see a wide range of students either studying, hanging out or taking a much deserved study break. 

The first Valentine secret menu order is the White Chocolate Strawberry Iced Latte. To order this drink, ask for a Grande iced White Mocha with two pumps of raspberry syrup and vanilla sweet cream cold foam with strawberry puree blended in. At first glance, the drink has an ombre look with the chocolate white mocha on the bottom, and the pink cold foam resting on the top. Appearance wise with the two tone colors, I would rate it an easy 3 out of 5 stars. With that first sip, you immediately taste sweet strawberries that flood the taste buds. Going for a second sip, the white mocha flavored with raspberry syrup combines with vanilla strawberry cold foam, giving the illusion of eating a chocolate covered strawberry. The sour tang of the raspberries does give the sweet concoction a tangy taste. With that said, this drink is on the sweeter side, but if you can’t get enough of chocolate covered strawberries, this drink is for you. 

Fourth-year anthropology major Elizabeth Camarillo tried The Love Bug frappuccino. To order this drink, ask for a grande strawberry creme frappuccino with one pump of raspberry syrup, a scoop of java chips, topped with whip cream,and cookie crumbles on top. She recommends when trying new drink recipes, especially on the secret menu, to start off by ordering a small size first. You never know if it’s going to be a hit or miss, and ordering a small size gives you the opportunity to customize more to your liking next time. Everyone has different tastes and sometimes these drinks are way too sweet. Overall, she enjoyed the drink, but it’s definitely something to get only once in a while. 

Next, political science major Catherine Dominguez Roriguez tried the Cupid Refresher. To order, ask for a grande pink drink with one pump vanilla, one pump raspberry, topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam mixed with strawberry puree. With the Pink drink being popular in the past, this is a fun twist on a classic everyone enjoys. One thing she recommends is to not add that one pump of vanilla,combined with the vanilla cold foam since it may be too sweet for some people. However, she definitely recommends it to those who love the Pink drink. 

Overall, there are plenty of drinks to create and choose from at Starbucks, which makes it all the more fun. With Valentine’s Day in full swing, now’s the chance to break from your normal routine and find a new drink to fall in love with. With a Starbucks around every corner of campus, the sky’s the limit on a variety of new drinks to create.