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The next chapter

Dear graduating seniors,  Graduation is rapidly approaching and with it, the impending weight of what to do next is right alongside it. With the consistent...
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A Starbucks here and there

Walking all the way to Glen Mor for a Starbucks can be a little too much for some people. You can be in a...
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The contagious spring quarter slumps

We’re already in week four of the spring quarter and it can be hard finding the energy to keep up with any busy schedule....
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Campus Cope: Preparing for finals week

With finals approaching, the stress and anxiety that comes with it isn’t far behind. The anxiety of feeling overwhelmed and the need to end...
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The new dessert spot to check out in Riverside

Looking to try something new? Well then you should definitely check out the Beignet Spot located in Downtown Riverside. A cute little place that makes...
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Something other than chocolate covered strawberries!

This Valentine's Day mix it up and make something classic but with a twist. These fun easy recipes add a new take on the...

Written in the Stars

Aries (March 21- April 19) Being a dominant personality this sign needs someone who won't get in their way. Compatible signs include Sagittarius, who are...

Friendship or romantic relationship, which is more important?

College is all about making memories, especially with the people who make up those lasting memories. Now, when thinking of relationships, the normal response...
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What’s life without an adventure

Here are 23 new things to try in 2023 that will create everlasting memories for years to come.  Try a new hobby  ...
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A drink right for you

Aries- Pink Drink  Being bold and full of energy, you need something a little exciting. Next time you’re at Starbucks, order this vibrant drink that...