We’re already in week four of the spring quarter and it can be hard finding the energy to keep up with any busy schedule. For graduating seniors, this is the last quarter before the real world comes knocking on your door. Seniors especially know when senioritis starts creeping in, it’s even more difficult to try and finish these last few weeks strong. The weight of making sure everything for graduation is handled and making as many memories with friends can make those assignments feel even more exhausting. Trying to find that balance between classes and social events is hard for everyone.

Try switching up your routine, the same habits that have followed you all school year can make the quarter feel longer and leave you pushing work aside. Find a new place to study.  A new location can make this quarter feel different than the past two. Check out the many coffee shops off campus and invite friends along with you. Combining study time with social outings with friends can give you the best of both worlds. Also keeping an organized schedule will help with midterms that are fast approaching. Focusing on classes is key but allowing nothing else in the daily routine can make the obligation of classes seem more of a heavy burden. 

At the end of the day, just remember that everyone is feeling the spring quarter slump and it’s totally normal to feel the pressure. Push yourself to keep on a routine and stay organized with school and social obligations. It’s okay to take a break every once in a while, just don’t stick to any habits that will make you fall behind in the long run. Remember as well that ditching classes is a gateway drug that can have an affect on your total grade in the end.