College is all about making memories, especially with the people who make up those lasting memories. Now, when thinking of relationships, the normal response is to think of romantic relationships. However, what it’s really about is the relationships with friends.There is no better place to find friends who you will be able to stay in touch with well beyond after college. The friends who go on late night boba runs to even purchasing those last minute concert tickets, those relationships are everything. 

Now, I’m definitely not saying having a significant relationship with a partner is not just as important, especially if you can call that person your best friend. Everyone’s different when it comes to who they bond with better. Some prefer a bigger group of close knit friends while others are as equally happy with just being with their romantic partner. Balancing the two can be tricky, with the question of who should have priority over the other? In the end, the answer is going to be different for everyone.It’s more on what balance you feel is right. You might have a romantic relationship where you know it’s long term and that takes priority or you might have those ride or die friends who trump any romantic relationship. What’s most important is to understand your priorities and being able to accept them without having to apologize for your decisions. 

Just remember that when life gets a little difficult, you should value the people who are there for you in those moments and always prioritize those people in your life. College, in the end, goes by a lot quicker than anyone realizes. At the end of the day, the relationships you have are what make memories for years to come.