The moon sign isn’t one that is typically discussed as most astrological analyses focus on one’s sun sign. The sun sign sheds light on the more visible aspects of who you are, while your moon sign is the parts of you that nobody knows. It can help you understand the choices you make that don’t align with your sun sign. To find your moon sign and get a more detailed birth chart, you can calculate it here.

Aries Moon:

Although a sun sign in Aries indicated passion, in a moon sign, these qualities are even more intense. You express an innate priority towards their emotional needs, expressing yourself however you see fit. This can give way to impulsivity and trouble.

Taurus Moon:

You possess a more romantic side and you are loyal in your  affections. You are often conservative in nature so this side of you is often under the surface. You don’t air your dirty laundry in public, but you do not lack sentimentality.

Gemini Moon:

You move a mile a minute and your thoughts go even faster. You are not someone who can sit still or follow a routine. Uncertainty may be something most people fear, but not a Gemini Moon sign. You’ll find that you’re easily comfortable in a crowd despite initial discomforts.

Cancer Moon:

You have a deep-seated need for stability. Cancer Moons are deeply connected to the people and institutions around them. You try to maintain your status quo instead of a high-risk, high-reward outcome. You aren’t the type to let go and often hold on to grudges. Forgetfulness is not in your nature.

Leo Moon:

Leo Moons have a lot of pride in their hearts and it drives you even when you’re unaware. You aspire to gain the respect of others, but more so their love. In order to get there though, it’s your way or no way.

Virgo Moon:

Virgo Moons find content more easily than others as they are willing to accept simplicities. They don’t aspire to be widely known, but instead deeply. They don’t need attention, simply appreciation from the people close to them. They struggle to express the depth of their own emotions and often show it in less romantic, more realistic ways.

Libra Moon:

You have a strong desire for trust and loyalty from one person. You feel a need for another half of yourself within another. Libra Moons need a partnership to feel content in their lives, even if on the surface they show more independence and realism.

Scorpio Moon:

Scorpio Moons are all or nothing. You want true emotional connection with complete transparency and understanding or no relationship at all. Your love is hard to earn, but once earned it is unwavering.

Sagittarius Moon:

You’re the bubbly positive type, trying to see the glass half full. You may seem flighty to others, but in truth you’re a guide for others. You are someone who provides clarity to others with the light of your own personality.

Capricorn Moon:

Capricorn Moons are the pragmatic type, making logical decisions and coming across as cold at times. You aren’t less emotional, just more controlled. You plan for the future and don’t leave room for error because you care about the people who do and will depend on you.

Aquarius Moon:

You are a denier of emotions and often try to ignore feelings you feel ashamed of. This often makes you appear distant and insensitive. This also makes you unpredictable due to your inscrutability, but you are a steady force in the lives of others despite your independence.

Pisces Moon:

You are deeply empathetic and compassionate, excelling at getting past people’s defenses and earning their trust. However, you can get easily lost in their struggles and lose sight of yourself. You’re open-hearted and often people try to manipulate your generosity, but over time you learn to see the difference between honesty and lies better than any other.