Girl Gains started in Fall 2022 to create a supportive and empowering weight lifting community, and already has 350 members. The mission of this club is to promote female empowerment in and out of the gym. 


“I started UCR’s Girl Gains chapter because I noticed the SRC tended to be male-dominated,” said junior Supriya Haldankar, founder of Girl Gains. “I wanted women to take up space and feel like they deserve to take up space in the gym.” 

The club pairs members up based on gym level, and these pairings can attend events, such as hot girl hikes, yoga, and weekly open gym hours, to earn points. The winners have the chance to receive gift cards to Lululemon, Gymshark, Starbucks and more. This quarter, the club is looking forward to hosting more events and connecting with more members through open gyms. 

By attending the meeting on January 17th, I got a better understanding of the buddy system, as well as the overall vibe of the club. This meeting was for members to meet their buddies and plan a workout schedule. Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly, making it the perfect space for beginners and advanced gym-goers. 

“I would say to someone who wants to join our club that we are open to all skill levels and host a variety of events, from nutrition to fitness inside and outside of the gym,” Halankar said. “Stop by whatever event fits your interests and we are looking forward to meeting you.” 

If you are interested in joining Girl Gains, learn more about them through their Highlander Link:, or follow them on Instagram: @ucrgirlgains.