Walking all the way to Glen Mor for a Starbucks can be a little too much for some people. You can be in a class across campus and still have to trek to Glen Mor for that refresher you’ve been craving for all day. You get there and the line is so long because everyone had the same idea, and what you thought would be a quick stop takes what feels like hours.

Now there are closer alternatives, or “Starbucks dupes,” that allow you to enjoy a refreshing beverage on campus. Bytes, located in Bourns Hall, is much closer and, depending on the time, has almost no line at all! There’s also an assortment of pastries and snacks that can go well with any Starbucks drink. The service is very fast, making it the perfect grab-and-go before classes. Ivans by the Humanities building, has something for everyone! Although the wait can be long, their delicious variety of breakfast croissant sandwiches are worth the wait. 

The newly opened Ember Bees, located behind the Math & Science building, has a variety of tasty menu items! From their paninis, Singapore chicken salad, and staple latte the stinger, there’s something new for everyone to try. 

Every location has something different to offer to everyone, no matter where you are at on campus. There will always be a Starbucks not too far away from you ready to fulfill your coffee craving.