Dear graduating seniors, 

Courtesy of Grace Sun- The Highlander
Courtesy of Grace Sun- The Highlander

Graduation is rapidly approaching and with it, the impending weight of what to do next is right alongside it. With the consistent questions that relatives and friends start asking of what’s your specific next goal, it’s hard to tell what your next step is after graduation. For some, those prospects are already lined up (congratulations to those who do). There are also those who just have the energy to make it to the stage. It leaves a lot of space for the internal panic of what comes after. 

Something important to remember is that everyone works at their own pace, especially after achieving a college degree. Take time to enjoy your success, rest and come up with ideas on what you want to pursue next. Panicking or feeling like you’re behind in life because you’re looking for a job that meets all your criteria is nothing to over-stress about. The perfect opportunity will appear when you least expect it and nothing is permanent. Do your research and look into your interest as well when it comes to making these big decisions. You can also do research and look into master programs and push your education to a higher extent. Possibilities after obtaining your undergrad are limitless and whatever you decide, it’s the path that makes sense to you and that’s all that matters in the end. 


A fellow senior graduating