With finals approaching, the stress and anxiety that comes with it isn’t far behind. The anxiety of feeling overwhelmed and the need to end the quarter off with that perfect score is stressful. With all the studying that goes into finals week, it’s important to take time for yourself and to know your limits.

Courtesy of Pexels
Courtesy of Pexels

Studying with friends can make you take accountability for those designated study hours you promised yourself while also not letting yourself feel alone when the pressure and long hours gets to you. Having a support group who can acknowledge and relate to those feelings that arise with preparing for finals can make all the difference. Also, make sure that with all the caffeinated drinks you’re bound to consume, to stay hydrated with water. Coffee and energy drinks can help for staying up for long hours but provide no hydration that you’ll need to stay healthy for this finals week.

Another reminder, make sure to make time in your schedule to eat a decent meal and to always have a snack on hand. With your mind set on one goal, it can be easy to forget the last time you ate. That pain you feel in your head 5 hours into studying… yeah that’s not your brain absorbing all the information, that’s your brain letting you know that you’re hungry. 

Most importantly, make time to relax and have a much needed break in between all study sessions. Resting your eyes for 30 minutes to even stretching your legs and going for a small walk outside can make all the difference. Finals week is stressful for everyone but it’s important that you remember to take it one day at a time and don’t overdo it when you’re on the peak of a burnout. Good luck this upcoming finals week Highlanders!