As winter quarter is coming to an end, applications to graduate in the Spring have finally been released. For those who are graduating this year, there is so much to do in such little time. Sometimes, I think about the time when I started my first quarter at UCR. Excited, driven and motivated are just a few of the many emotions I felt rushing through me as I anticipated my very first day of college. 

Three years later and I still feel these exact same emotions as I anticipate what lies ahead of me when I graduate. The big day is just a couple months away but there are so many things to do before then. I always feel nervous about forgetting something important when something like this is just around the corner. However, I like to keep track of all the reminders given out through emails by our advisors or school websites with a Google calendar or the Notes app. My advisor usually sends out weekly reminders of when important deadlines are coming and when applications open. Although I know some advisors do not do this often, reaching out to your advisor about your questions can help you plan your personal deadlines. Do not be afraid to ask because the advisors are there to help you!

Courtesy of Pexels
Courtesy of Pexels

Graduation applications recently opened up and are due on Monday, March 6, 2023 through your R’Web! For those who have applied to graduate in Fall or Winter 2023, you are eligible to walk in the Spring 2023 commencement ceremony with those who have applied to graduate in the Spring. If you are expected to graduate Summer 2023, you may be eligible to also participate in the Spring 2023 ceremony as well if you submit your application by Monday, April 10, 2023! 

For my colleges, CHASS and SOE, I did not have any additional requirements once I applied to graduate. However, if you are in a different college, you may have additional requirements, steps or capstone requirements needed to fulfill before you are approved to graduate and participate in the ceremony. Make sure to continue checking your graduating status after applying to make sure there are no additional requirements needed!

Not only is this a big day for me, it’s also a big day for my family and friends as they prepare to take off work or be excused from school to attend my graduation ceremony. The Intent to Participate form is set to be released on Monday, April 17, 2023. Information about this will be emailed to us that afternoon so be on the lookout! For those who send in their Intent to Participate form by the deadline, you are guaranteed a minimum of eight complimentary guest tickets for the ceremony. However, if you would like to purchase more guest tickets, the maximum number of tickets may vary by ceremony. Ticket ordering is not on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

For more information about Commencement 2023, important upcoming dates and deadlines, schedules of all ceremonies, links to your college’s requirements to graduate and a graduation guide and checklist, check out Congrats Highlanders! We did it. The finish line is so close so keep pushing through and enjoy your last few months at UCR.