The Associated Students of UCR’s 19th meeting was called to order by Executive Vice President Mufida Assaf on Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2022 in the ASUCR Senate Chamber. All senators were present, excluding CHASS senator Hoang Vu and SPP senator Joshua P. Deese. Motions to approve the current meeting’s agenda were called for by CHASS senator Aalani Richardson, seconded by CHASS senator Victoria Nguyen and passed with a vote count of 15-0-0. Motion to approve the previous senate meeting minutes were also called by CHASS senator Torres, seconded by CHASS senator Christopher Kent and passed with a vote count of 15-0-0.

A public forum then began with an introduction of the chief justice of ASUCR’s Judicial Branch, Mohamad Almouazzen. Almouzzan came on behalf of the Middle Eastern Student Center to spread awareness of the third anniversary of the Christchurch mass shooting and talked about a vigil that was held at the Bell Tower on Thursday, March 31. Almouazzen urged members of ASUCR and the galley to attend the vigil to remember the victims of the tragedy and other mass shootings and to stand against hate and discrimination.

A CALPIRG representative came to the podium next, explaining that CALPIRG is working on recruitment drives and gathering positions for their three campaigns: homelessness, plastics and wind conservation. The intern hopes that those interested in these positions will reach out to CALPIRG in the future.

First Time College Student Director Lilly Rimero discussed the Well and how health education groups are facing a lack of funding. Romero emphasized the need for students to utilize the Well’s resources in order to show its importance for the campus so they can get more funding. Director Romero further explained that the First Time College Student Committee is putting in a great effort to create events this quarter, including those that provide much needed support for first years. Romero abruptly announced her resignation as the First Time Student Director, citing her mental health and focusing on academics as the primary reasons behind her decision.

Ex-Officio report began next, with Ethnic and Gender Liaison Jeanine Nassar delivering an ex-officio first. Nassar first urged senators to be more consistent when meeting with E&G’s and to add herself and Executive Vice President Assaf into the meeting invites. With the transition back into being in-person, more E&G events and activities will be held this quarter, including tabling events at the bell tower.

Elections Director Tricia Sarmiento gave another ex-officio detailing the upcoming ASUCR election. Several candidates are running for the many open positions in the Executive Cabinet which includes the positions of President, Executive Vice President, VP of Finance, VP of Internal Affairs, VP of External Affairs, VP of Sustainability, Personnel Director, Marketing Director and International Student Director. Currently, the positions of First Time Student Director, Transfer Student Director and Non-Traditional Student Director have no candidates running. Numerous candidates are also running for the Legislative Branch where 18 senators shall be elected to represent each college. Sarmiento noted the first convention that will take place on April 7 for Legislative candidates and reminded candidates of the rules that will be placed in office and on Instagram.

CHASS senator Richardson posed a question hoping to clarify how the convention will be run and meeting with candidates. Director Sarmiento explained that visitors can meet with candidates tabling to learn more about their platform and campaign. Incentives will be presented to encourage visitors to explore the convention and meet with multiple candidates. CHASS senator Kent inquired about when the official list of candidates will be released. Director Sarmiento explained that the list will be published once SCAIP reviews are complete. For more information and coverage on the election, please take a look at the Highlander’s Elections Guides, and feel free to reach out to the Elections Director at or visit their Instagram page, @asucr_elections, for any questions or concerns you may have.

The meeting concluded with multiple announcements from senators. CHASS senator Kent announced that ASUCR offices have received a remodel that also includes electronic voting systems. CNAS senator Rachel Paredes discussed how she will be working on a campus-wide food drive with the R’Pantry and will be working on sustainable resolution for composting. President Pro Tempore Orlando Cabalo announced that on Friday, April 1, he will be meeting with UCR Botanical Gardens management about better wages. In addition, he also explained that the student debt advocacy campaign held its first coalition call over spring break and had nonprofits, student governments and student associations attend. CHASS senator Victoria Nguyen concluded the announcements with her detailing her work on a point to point shuttle program that she was able to secure funding on. The meeting was then adjourned at 6:58 p.m.