With the use of technology becoming more of an everyday necessity, it’s no wonder dating apps are becoming more and more popular over the years. With a wide range of dating apps such as Hinge, Bumble and Tinder, there’s an app that works for everyone. With completing the first step of downloading any dating app, there comes a point where the thought of talking with a complete stranger can bring some hesitation. Here are some helpful do’s and don’t tips that can make taking on the dating app world a little less intimidating. 


Be yourself 

When making your profile or talking to matches, it’s always better to stay true to your likes and interests. You never know if you might end up meeting your matches in person. If your online self doesn’t match your true self, that might cause some problems. 

Keep an open mind 

When going through potential matches, it’s a good idea to not solely focus on your matches through their profile pictures. Take your time to look at profile biographies and learn exactly what that person is looking for in a relationship. Getting to know more about a person who has different wants than you can make getting to know them more difficult. 

Establish boundaries 

It can be easy to be swept away in the moment when you start getting matches left and right, but with that, it’s always good to have boundaries. Be upfront with what you want and what you’re expecting. Don’t be worried about being too assertive. Know what you want, and don’t settle for less! 


Give away personal information 

Never reveal personal information such as home address, phone numbers or even social media profiles until you have a better sense of who you are talking to. It’s always better to be cautious than too trusting. Take a few days to message or call them through the dating app before meeting them in person or giving away your personal information!

Compromise your safety 

When meeting a potential match in person for the first time, make sure you’re in a safe and open space. You want to make sure you have a safe way out in case things don’t appear as they are. Meet at a coffee shop, the mall, a park or at a restaurant! Your safety comes first. If you’re really nervous about meeting in person, have a friend tag along for that sense of comfort. 

Carry relationship baggage with you 

When starting any new relationship, always make sure you’re ready. When looking at potential matches, it’s not a good idea to carry past relationship feelings into any new match. Make sure you’re ready to be open and honest. 

Whatever you do online, make sure to keep it safe and healthy. Good luck on your search for the one.