Courtesy of Columbia Records

The name “Harry Styles” can instantly cause anyone to scream in excitement. Styles released a teaser for his third album earlier this year that was quickly followed by the release of his single, “As It Was.” As anticipated, the teaser made fans around the world antsy for “Harry’s House.”

The most well-known track, “As It Was” can first be seen as an upbeat tune with ‘80s vibes, yet the lyrics reveal Styles’ struggle with loneliness. “The song is about metamorphosis, embracing change and former self, perspective shift and all that kind of stuff,” Styles stated in an interview. The lyrics can make many wonder about their time spent in lockdown and how the pandemic inevitably changed people from social butterflies into introverted characters. Even if we are transitioning back into our “normal” lives, the song serves as a reminder that everyone changed because of lockdown. “As It Was” shows how people have become more self-reflective and aware of the little things that can make us smile every day. 

Kicking off the album, “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” feels vibrant and smooth as Styles compares making sushi to creating a relationship. It’s a fun way of comparing two different things, but it shows how tedious it can be when desiring a new connection. The desire to be with someone transitions well into the next track in “Harry’s House.” 

Possibly one of the most favored songs in the album, “Late Night Talking” is about someone trying everything they can to adorn their partner with love and affection. Underneath the rhythmic tune is a message that uncovers the most vulnerable parts of a relationship and rekindles the fondness that links couples together. Similarly, Styles reflects on his mistakes in a past relationship in “Little Freak.” With mentions of delightful experiences like jumping on a trampoline or playing golf, the song quickly turns into a self-reflection of losing a partner who deserved better. 

Continuing with the somber tones, “Matilda” leaves a bittersweet feeling. “You can throw a party full of everyone you know / And not invite your family, ’cause they never showed you love / You don’t have to be sorry for leaving and growing up” are just a few of the lyrics that comfort fans in being okay with letting go of situations that they don’t have control over. It defines the richness of growing up into a person who is still able to achieve a fulfilling life after suffering hardships. 

“Boyfriends” is a slow track that many may relate to the most. “Boyfriends, they think you’re so easy / They take you for granted / They don’t know, they’re just misunderstanding” is the first verse that welcomes fans into the reality of toxic relationships. Its honest message reveals the difficulty in letting go of someone and how relationships like these can affect a person’s entire world. Rather than taking it negatively, fans can view the song as a reminder that mistakes happen, and a cycle of repetitive forgiveness towards someone who does not deserve you can be broken. 

In an exclusive interview with Better Homes & Gardens, Styles revealed that the birth of “Harry’s House” arose from the pandemic that halted his musical plans. He revealed that staying at home made him think about what the idea of home meant, both in a physical and mental space. “I realized that that home feeling isn’t something that you get from a house; it’s more of an internal thing. You realize that when you stop for a minute.” 

The meaning of home takes on a very intimate meaning in this album. The various mentions of breakfast foods and recollections of relationships highlight Styles’ journey toward mental health and being satisfied with the present moment one is living. He ponders about past experiences and translates them into smooth and funky tunes that are hard to forget. 

Verdict: “Harry’s House” is the most self-reflective and pleasurable album that the English singer has released. Its somber and jazz-filled tunes allow fans to understand the most intimate parts of Harry Styles’ life that also manage to reflect our own experiences. Altogether, “Harry’s House” feels like a groovy yet somber musical experience that will keep fans entertained for hours.