With the rise of social media, the use of astrology has increased rapidly and is used in a wide range of platforms including our own. For anyone who is interested in learning more about astrology and their horoscope, at first glance, it can be quite overwhelming. The terms alone can be confusing and with all the talk of moons and suns, it’s hard to identify what each term exactly means. The sun and moon offer different insights to your personality and life. When reading your monthly horoscope, it’s common to refer to movement of planet alignment that is currently moving through all the zodiac signs. For instance, when your horoscope says your sun is in Cancer, a water sign symbolized by the crab, symbolizes empathy or wisdom for that month. Here are some basic definitions you might commonly see in your horoscope and their meaning. 

Sun: self-esteem, confidence, sense of self and identity 

Moon: emotional compass of the zodiac, values, security and intuition 

Mercury: the messenger planet, research and communication 

Venus: the planet of love and influences passion, money and relationships

Mars: how you take action and your energy