The start of the school year is right here and many of us are mentally preparing ourselves for the workload of exams, essays and assignments the year has to offer. It’s hard to develop and maintain a strong and healthy morning routine when all we want to do is sleep all day. After being in college for two years, I’ve found a few ways to help me look forward to the next morning.

Sleep on time

It’s difficult to maintain a sleep schedule, especially during midterms and finals week. However, if you develop a sleep schedule that would work for you throughout the school year and during midterm and finals week, you’ll be able to maintain a strong work routine. Can’t sleep? Try not going on your phone until 3 A.M. Grab a book and read until you fall asleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors that can make or break your day. If you sleep late and wake up late, you’ll be unmotivated to attend class, work on assignments or hang out with friends. Instead of setting multiple alarms every minute of your morning, go to sleep with the intention of waking up at a certain time. Having a certain time set in your mind will allow your mind to prepare for the alarm the next morning. 

Stretch first thing in the morning

Many of us wake up with our bodies sore or in pain. However, we tend to ignore the pain and tell ourselves that our body will stretch on its own while walking to class or working out later in the day. I found that stretching first thing in the morning motivates me to attend lectures and discussions, work on any school assignments and attend work on time. I also found that I feel less stressed throughout the day as my body feels less tense. This is just a reminder that doing the little things like stretching can go a long way!

Switch out coffee for tea

As we start to become busier with school and other things happening in our lives, we tend to look towards caffeine to help us function throughout the day. However, too much caffeine can affect our mental and physical health. Instead of ordering a large cup of coffee first thing in the morning, try going for a cup of hot or iced tea. Drinking tea has many benefits such as boosting your immune system, fighting off inflammation and decreasing your risk of health diseases!

Make daily goals every morning

Throughout our day, we tend to forget our tasks and things we wanted to get done. Keeping a checklist or a few goals around you can make your life a lot easier. Whether you write it on your notes or agenda, you’ll be able to keep track of all your assignments and tasks for the day. By the end of the night, it’s fulfilling to see all the important tasks checked off. 

Don’t forget to eat!

As we enter midterms and finals week, many of us tend to forget to eat and depend on coffee as our meal. However, this can be harmful to our physical and mental health. You definitely don’t want to be starving in the middle of your exam. Take a few minutes from your morning to eat a healthy breakfast! Running late to your class? Some on-the-go breakfast foods are sandwiches, bagels, or waffles! Visit the Features section for some quick and easy recipe ideas.