Transitioning from high school to college can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to make your freshman year adjustment easier.

Attend on campus events.

ASPB, HUB programs and so many other organizations put on so many programs and events that there is always one right around the corner. Look through campus organization’s instagrams to find events that interest you and attend whichever seem like the most fun! 

The HUB programs offer events such as free coffee, crafting days and workshops, and in addition to hosting big concerts like Block Party, ASPB hosts events like AI Knoll Movie Nights. If you’re looking to make new friends, programs like these are a great place to strike up conversations with fellow students.

Aim to take classes that interest you.

When you’re registering for winter quarter classes, aim to enroll in one class that you would want to take even if it’s not  required for your degree. Instead of quickly choosing classes with the most convenient lecture times, take time to really read the course descriptions of potential classes you want to take. Utilize R’Web’s course planner to help keep track of what classes you can take to fulfill your major requirements. You will be much more successful in a class you are interested in and it may even help you explore what area you’d like to pursue for a future career, so take a couple of extra minutes to find out what the class is about.

Go to in-person classes instead of online meetings.

Say your professor gives you the option of watching recorded lectures or attending lectures in-person. We all tell ourselves that we’ll watch the zoom video later, but let’s be honest, you’re never going to watch that video. Do yourself a favor — get out of your bed, and take the time to go to class. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. And while you’re at it, take effective notes during class time so you didn’t walk halfway across campus for nothing.

Explore campus through study spaces.

A college campus can seem intimidating to navigate and explore when you first arrive. To acclimate yourself to the school grounds, try to find different places to study! Start with the library or Student Success Center and then try going to a building close to one of your classes. Once you’re comfortable with that, branch out to the botanical gardens or the Starbucks in the Market at Glen Mor. If the best study space for you ends up being your dorm, you’ll still be more comfortable navigating campus.

Good luck Highlanders! Have a great year and make sure to keep your ‘R’s up!