Aries: The Hanged Man

Aries, this November bodes well for you as the Hanged Man indicates that you can look forward to rest and relaxation. There will be chances to pause and take a beat. Take advantage of the opportunity to let go.

Taurus: The Emperor

Look forward to a looming leadership opportunity. You have been preparing and feel confident in your ability to execute your goals. Keep an eye out for those around you and recognize that you are having a growing, positive impact on those around you as your influence broadens.

Gemini: The World

November marks a large and long-awaited success for you, Gemini. This might be months or years in the making and it’s especially satisfying because you succeeded despite the discouragement of those around you. You have exceeded anyone’s expectations in this, the final chapter of this journey.

Cancer: Death

A chapter of your life has ended and November will be a month of exploration and surprises. Your successes have been celebrated and you will find the drive to dive into something new whether it’s an effort towards professional success, academic achievement, or personal goals. This is a sweet spot of time where a lot of great opportunities are being laid out in front of you.

Feat_Horoscope2_Grace Sun / The Highlander
Feat_Horoscope2_Grace Sun / The Highlander

Leo: Eight of Pentacles

November is going to be a learning period for you, Leo. As you work within a specific area of your life, whether it is in classes or in relationships, you will learn new things and master different aspects of your life. As you continue to apply yourself, others will notice and remember.

Virgo: Six of Pentacles

Your near future appears to be full of abundance. This could mean material wealth or perhaps the strengthening of a romantic relationship. You will build on existing foundations and be able to share your wealth of money, love, and any number of positive things with others as well. This will also help build bridges with others so they might be generous with you as well one day.

Libra: Queen of Swords

It’s going to be an independent queen November for you, Libra. You will be a place where you are ready to set clear boundaries and you won’t stand for beating around the bush. You won’t be responding to ambiguous texts or staring at your phone waiting for that special someone to call. You’re taking charge in November and people need to either jump on the train or get off the tracks.

Scorpio: Knight of Wands

The fire pictured on this card indicates passion and energy. November could be a month filled with new ideas and vitality as well as a shift in your love life. You will be feeling a lot of enthusiasm and drive, drawing others in.

Feat_Horoscope1_Courtesy of Pexels
Feat_Horoscope1_Courtesy of Pexels

Sagittarius: The Lovers

November will be a part of a major shift in your love life. This is a month of realization as you discover someone close to you has had feelings all along. You may even feel encouraged to explore this connection.

Capricorn: Two of Cups

You’re entering a very important partnership in November. It is one that will give you knowledge that will be essential in pursuing your long term goals. Pay attention to details because the wisdom you’re gaining will not be obviously discerned.

Aquarius: Ace of Pentacles

Manifest everything, Aquarius. You will be so attuned to your surroundings in November that you will be exuding enough confidence and spirit to manifest good things for yourself. This is a rare time where you have stronger control over the course of events. There is so much potential surrounding you now, you just have to determine your main desires.

Pisces: The Page of Swords

You will be feeling very curious in November as you dive deep into things you maybe haven’t thought so much about lately. These investigative tendencies will guide you towards new ways to communicate, strengthening relationships with partners, friends, and family. Ask the hard questions this month because they will lead to satisfying answers.