Grace Sun | The Highlander

On Wednesday Oct. 19th, the ASUCR Senate called to order at 6:30 P.M. All were present except President Pro Tempore Aalani Richardson, CHASS Senator Jules Yang and BCOE Senator Chloe Au. 

A motion to remove CA-F22-001 and CA-F22-002 from the agenda was approved by CNAS Senator Brenden Cano and seconded by CHASS Senator Brandon Huang. The agenda with the following amendments were approved by Senator Nguyen and seconded by CHASS Senator Hemant Hari. The previous Oct. 12th Senate meeting minutes were approved by CHASS Senator Alaa Mido and seconded by Senator Huang. The motion passed 13-0-0.

The meeting proceeded right into the committee reports after confirming there was nothing to announce during the public forum and the Ex-Officio Reports. Senator Mido approved the motion to open up Finance Hearing Minutes #2, seconded by Senator Hari. The Vice President of Finance Christian Martinez led the hearing. Martinez referred to the recent finance hearing where it discussed the general allocation for new clubs which was approved around 41 to 45 student organizations. The Vice President of Internal Affairs Jeanine Nassar requested a removal of a paid position in order have it transferred to a new Commissioner of Sexual Violence position. The request was approved. President Mufida Assaf and Chief of Staff Tran introduced the addition of a new Vice President of DEI to ASUCR. The Finance Committee needed more information about the position, tabling the position. Until it passes the LRC, the Finance Committee decided to remain neutral. The Senate approved Senator Huang’s request for two temporary stipends for Photographer and Marketing Assistant positions. Senator Huang also  requested a salary increase, the Senate decision was inconclusive and the matter was tabled. Senator Huang reported deciding to confirm that members of ASUCR use their available funding before approving requests for additional funding. The First Time College Director Victoria Nguyen requested funding for team attire: the Senate denied the request. A motion was called to approve Finance Hearing Minutes #2, approved by Senator Nguyen and seconded by Senator Cano. The motion passed 13-0-0.

The motion to open up SB-F22-004 was approved by Senator Huang and seconded by CNAS Senator Abby Choy. CHASS Senator Ruhi Barman introduced the bill which made additions to the stipends under the Marketing and Promotions Director. Marketing and Promotions Director Phan requested the addition of Photographer and Marketing Assistant. Director Phan suggested reducing the stipend of the Videographers to $990 and cut down the time of work. Two more positions as a result of last week’s LRC SB-F22-00 passing were added and Director Phan requested temporary stipends for them. Senator Jules Yang entered the meeting at 6:45 P.M. SB-F22-004 was approved by Senator Cano and seconded by SOE Senator Leyan Elkatat. The motion passed 13-0-1.

The Senate moved on to the public forum. On behalf of the Chief Justice, Associate Justice Kulkarni gave general updates on the Judicial Council, having officially finished onboarding new staff and Justices. The Judicial Council plans on reopening Elections Director and General Advocates positions. They have already begun Law Week planning and have established members of the Legislative, Financial Review, and Outreach and Marketing Committee. Justice Kulkarni announced that the first open Judicial session meeting will be held the first week of November, the exact date is yet to be determined. Aram Ayra reintroduced his position in ASUCR as Executive Leadership Intern and promised access to his resources to the ASUCR Senate. The Justice offered his assistance in advising bylaws, the new legislation, and client facing communications and services. Ayra is the former ASUCR Senator, President, Co-Chair for the Legislative Committee and Chai of the HUB Governing Board. He currently works at a state-wide non-profit that helps low income LGBT college students access financial resources and public benefits. 


Senator Huang reported the progress of the Highlander Spirit Committee in its efforts to promote the campus D1 sports programs. The Finance committee went over budget. The report noted that the pending requests made by student organizations for the allocations of funding was completed. Senator Choy reported that the LRC passed four pieces of legislation, two of which were mentioned in this meeting. She also announced that the “Lunch and Labor” event that was in collaboration with United Student Labor Action Coalition had a good turn out. Senator Choy mentioned she is currently working on the CNAS town hall and in conversation with the CNAS Dean. The senator reported to be currently working on the R Garden referendum, a legislation to end fracking and oil drilling in California in collaboration with Senator Barman, and a legislation with CNAS Senator Shukan Shah. CHASS Senator Ahman Greene explained his inability to attend the previous Finance Committee meeting due to an academic commitment. He reported that the Highlander Pride Committee reached out to the Personnel Director and are currently waiting for a response. Senator Greene has been in contact with the CHASS Senator to build the CHASS town hall. The Ethnic and Gender Programs were provided with resource connections according to Senator Greene. Senator Hari announced that all 4 pieces of legislation passed. The senator met with the Personnel Director, recently joined the ASUCR Campus Safety Committee, and is still building the town hall. Senator Greened stated that the date was to be determined for the First ASUCR Campus Safety Committee meeting.

During the Roundtable and announcements Senator Nguyen announced that the School Public Policy town hall was scheduled for Nov. 9 at 3 P.M. to 4 P.M. All students are welcomed to attend and attendees will be given an opportunity to win gift cards.

A motion to adjourn was approved by Senator Cano and seconded by Senator Shah. The meeting was adjourned at 7:01 P.M.