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The releases of horror movies have enabled fans of the genre this Halloween to refresh their movie lists with compelling new additions to their yearly rewatchable classics. Here is a list of movies for veteran horror fans and those new to the genre:

“X” & “Pearl”

This first selection in this list is a double feature. “X” and “Pearl,” both films directed and written by Ti West with Mia Goth as a writer on “Pearl,” are perhaps this year’s favorite slashers. Both films give different tones of horror while giving something new for audiences to enjoy with the outstanding performances of Mia Goth. “X,” released in March, follows a group of filmmakers looking to make an adult film at a remote farm but are terrorized by the owners of the property. “Pearl,” the prequel to “X” released in September, is a more grounded horror movie with less gore and kills than “X,” however it is a character dissection about Pearl’s  antagonism in “X.” The movies have gone on to do so well that the crew has started filming the sequel to “X” and the third film in the franchise, “MaXXXine,” and would not be surprising if the movie is released in the next couple of months. 


A practice used on occasions by movie-goers is to watch a film with no previous knowledge of the plot or having seen a single teaser or trailer. “Barbarian” is a movie that begs to be seen as such when experiencing it for the first time. The premise is about Tess and Keith, played by Georgina Campbell and Bill Skarsgård, who are double-booked by a rental agency and find themselves sharing a house that contains a dark and disturbing history. Some best horror movies instill fear into our daily lives, and this movie will do just that about rental homes.

“Doctor Strange” 

Yes, a Marvel movie is on this list. While a weak point of Marvel’s Phase Four is the lack of direction combined with the many conspiracy theories and rumors created by fans, Sam Raimi focuses on simply delivering a standalone horror superhero movie – and succeeds. “Multiverse of Madness” has all you need: Zombie Doctor Strange, monsters, unhinged Wanda, fan-service casting, superhero gore and iconic lines that pull on the heartstrings. 


While Jordan Peele’s movie did not receive the praise it deserves, Nope is on its way to becoming a cult classic to be watched every year in the nights leading up to Halloween. The afrofuturistic western horror movie does lack “scary moments” but does that by instead spotlighting the exploitation of animals in mainstream entertainment while delivering a new take on “UAPs.” This movie will get your blood pumping however it will do so with mystery and thrilling moments that can ease anyone into the horror genre.


There is already a great selection of movies with the protagonists escaping a curse. “Smile” deserves a spot in that selection and on Halloween movies to binge. While the film does not add much new to the genre of curse horror movies, it is an entertaining watch to see a mental health specialist struggle with a “trauma demon.” The movie is a balance of jumpscare and some creepy moments that don’t lose value watching it for a second time.