To: Zachary K.

You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m grateful to have met you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

From: Anonymous 


To: Radar Editor (Brenda Jovel)

Happy Valentine’s Day and 6 years! I probably told you I wouldn’t get you one but I lied hehe. Anyway I love you! 

From: Your BF (George) 


To: Sam, Puja, Grace, Mila, Soma

Happy Valentine’s Day. I LOVE YOU MOST!!

From: Zurie


To: Tais

Hello Tais, thank you for being such a great friend throughout the past couple of years. You make UCR so much more fun!

From: Melanie


To: Alison, Aditya, Faustine, Maribel, & Vanessa

Thank you for being amazing friends and coworkers!!!

From: NR


To: Natalie Jung

Hi nat!!! Just letting you know out here that I love u 🙂

From: Kayla Chen


To: Mark A. Vincent II

UCR didn’t just give me my education. It brought our worlds together and gave me the greatest love I’ve ever known. I feel so lucky to have met you in such a wonderful place. I love you

From: Jackie Medina

To: Ernest Romero

Infatuation. Never felt more connected to anyone else, thank you for loving me endlessly and for showing my vicariously that we can have it all. We continue to preserve, enhance and encourage each other’s individuality while coming together as one and building a friendship and relationship. I love you so much Ernest Joseph❤️ so grateful to be here together.

From: Lauren Torres


To: Juan

You make my days brighter and fill my heart with love, always.

From: Bartley


To: Ryan

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m glad to have you as my best friend and I look forward to making more memories with you!

From: Anonymous 


To: Austin Shear

I love you so much, Austin! I am so thankful we met and started dating almost 5 years ago at UCR. You’re the love of my life and I’m grateful for you every day. Xoxo <3

From: Gaby Aguilar


To: Ivan Castillo

Love you the most bubba you’re my heart and soul

From: Alberto Tovar 


To: Sophia Galleguillos

I can’t wait to make even more memories with you mi amor!

From: Alexander Lopez 


To: Jenny Nguyen

I met Jenny Nguyen in the dorms at AI (E2E!). Our love story was as dynamic and heated as the debate between whether AI or Lothian had the better dining hall. We got married shortly before graduation and still feel so fortunate to have serendipitously met at UCR.

From: Vincent Ta


To: Jazmine Belcher

Met you at Jarvis Pool Club, instantly knew it was love at first sight. We got married in Vegas a few months later.

From:  Anonymous 


To: Jerry 

Jerry and I met while working at UCR’s Subway in 2019 & we’ve been together ever since <3  He completely swoon me over with his knife cutting skills and his ability to slice the loaf of bread at a perfect 45 degree angle *chefs kiss*. Jerry’s my first boyfriend and by default, the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. 

Jerry’s mentioned a few times that he had a strong sensation that he needed to work at UCR’s Subway. Now, he confidently says it’s because the love of his life was going to be there :’) I believe we were destined to met each other there.

We’ve been together for almost five years and he really is the best boyfriend ever. He is compassionate, loving, funny, witty, intelligent, and  a romantic. 

I love you Jerry, you’re the best thing UCR gave me. I hope one day we open a subway franchise in honor of our love origin story  💛💚

From: Vanessa


To: Zai Zayter

We were freshmen 2017, I used to eat with my friends at the Lothian dining hall and I would see this beautiful man when I would eat there almost everytime. One day, I was feeling cute so I told my friends “if I see him today, I’m gonna ask him out.” I did see him so I worked up the nerve to ask him as he and his friends were leaving the dining hall. I walk up to him and I go “Hi can I talk to you for a sec” he just kinda nods and his friends leave him there and I go “I don’t usually do this but I see you around and I think you’re really cute, would you wanna grab coffee or lunch sometime?” And he just looked at me and then I go “If you’re not interested or you have a girlfriend…” “Yeah, I have a girlfriend” he finally spoke to reject me. And I go “Oh okay sorry to make things awkward!” And run off to my friends table. Well, I never got his name and he never got mine. But my friends and I called him Lothian Boy for obvious reasons. During my time at UCR, I used to work at the front counter at the SRC, which —I didn’t know at the time but— prompted this guy’s friends to refer to me as Gym Girl. I would see this guy on campus from time to time but was convinced he hated me for some reason —and little did I know he thought the same thing of me when he saw me. Well, 3 years pass, and (I didn’t know this at the time but) my friend Tyler moves in with Lothian Boy. Tyler is sitting next to Lothian boy on the couch, scrolling through instagram and Lothian Boy just happens to glance over at Tyler’s phone when a picture of me pops up. (It is important for me to make clear that Lothian Boy had been broken up with his girlfriend at the time for 2 years.) Lothian Boy sees my picture and goes “THAT’S GYM GIRL THAT’S GIRL WE’RE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT” and Tyler suggests that Lothian Boy follows me and talks to me. And here we are now, 3 years later, still together, we graduated from UCR together in 2021 and it turns out his name was Christian.

From: Anonymous 


To: Noliver

We met around November of 2021 in Pentland Hills E. My hallmates and i had just came back from the gym, and throughout the quarter, I had always wanted to introduce myself to our next door hallmates. Every week, we would always say that we would, and end up not having the courage to do it, and after that gym session, I got a box of hot pockets that I had, and got the courage to go and Introduce myself. My hallmates followed of course. I knocked on the door and was greeted by her roommate. I asked “hot pocket?” and she took one. Her roommate then called the entire suite to introduce us all to my entire suite, and then she came out. I offered her a hot pocket nervously as I was stunned by her beauty, and after looking into her eyes, I knew, that she was the one.

From: Anonymous