I’m stratifying moments in time and space where I felt certain experiences defined this place I occupy right before this issue was published because I couldn’t organize myself enough to write this days before. I won’t be looking back to this article fondly, I might cringe.

A pivotal moment in my academic career was deciding to throw myself into queer theory with abandon. TAKE A QUEER THEORY CLASS, I demand explosive alterations to the way you imagine your relations with community and self. For the women and queers I offer Reflections on Victorian Fashion Plates by Sharon Marcus from which inspired my analysis of a fashion plate and I wrote, “She is the evocation of epitomized beauty and love ascertained by a predominant female gaze. The woman in the blue bonnet becomes a site of feminine worship.” feminine worship made for the feminine gaze. It is that good. Communion: The Female Search for Love by bell hooks is a volatile substance. Challenging our search for love, it might leave you lovingly dazed from exposure and gently, violently composing realizations. 

Courtesy of Grace Sun
The Highlander- Courtesy of Grace Sun

The Highlander was a ridiculous amalgamation of funky individuals that I was pleasantly surprised to meet. We credit an awkward potluck that synchronized everyone as one chaotic and complimentary vibration. I hope that ours is not unique and that the next line of editors enjoy their Sunday prod sessions, fondly remembering their Sundays for its opportunities for communion. I hope they understand our pains with Coffee Bean opening at 10 AM and our joys in between sections editing their articles. Maybe they will finally get the HUB to keep their bathrooms open for Sunday prod. 

I hope by the time I’m rereading this, I’m stroking the cat I might have named Arson who rests on their throne (my lap) in our little apartment we might barely afford in between scheming with my Marxist communist lesbian coven and the transitional minute before my next literary obsession or anime or K-drama or manhwa. I will let this article marinate, stewing in these little moments that feel so wonderful, and I hope I cringe.