The 2022-2023 school year marks UC Riverside’s 69th commencement. With various activities for seniors to complete such as submitting their graduation application, attending sendoff, decorating their caps and gowns and much more. All of this information can be found on UCR’s commencement website, with detailed information regarding each step in the process.

Starting on June 2, the schedule of ceremonies begins. First is the School of Medicine Commencement and the Hippocratic Oath Ceremony for students receiving their MD, the following day is the Graduate Division Hooding Ceremony for all PHD and MFA degree candidates. June 20 is the graduation ceremonies for both Master’s and Bachelor’s degree candidates in CNAS and BCOE split up over three time slots. June 21 is the graduation ceremony for Master’s and Bachelor’s degree candidates in CHASS, the candidates got to choose one of three time slots through their Intent to Participate form. Finally, June 22 is the graduation ceremony for the School of Education, School of Public Policy and the School of Business for their Master’s and Bachelor’s degree candidates and Teacher Credential Candidates, it is split up over two time slots.

There are a few traditions and symbols to look forward to during graduation this year. The UCR Pipe Band will play a wide variety of music on their bagpipes and drums. Depending on the school they are graduating from and their major, each graduate will wear a special color on their tassel, hood, or trimmings to represent their discipline. The Seal of the University of California that has been designed and used since 1910 which incorporates symbols to represent the university. The Chancellor’s Medal which is worn as part of the chancellor’s regalia during ceremonial observances. The UC Riverside Mace which was designed with important aspects of UCR’s history in mind such as the Citrus Experiment Station, the mottos of both the UC system and the University and UCR’s founding year. And finally the Alma Mater which is performed during the commencement ceremony.

There are a few additional facts to keep in mind when preparing to attend the ceremony. All the ceremonies will be located at Toyota Arena except for the School of Medicine Commencement and the Graduate Division Hooding Ceremony. The purpose of hosting graduation at Toyota Arena is to provide “an indoor, air-conditioned venue with increased seating capacity and improved sightlines and security.” Seating arrangements at the venue is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parking at Toyota Arena is $10 per vehicle. More information about commencement can be found on the UCR Commencement 2023 FAQs webpage.