Campus Poll: Favorite UCR Classes

Six UCR students share their favorite classes taken on campus.

Rhea Judge, 2nd year, Pre-Business Major 

My favorite class that I’ve taken at UCR so far is ECON003 with Corey Joab. Not only is the professor super understanding, but he makes it so that the class accommodates people who commute or can’t make it to class sometimes. He communicates well with students and I never found myself lost with the material he was teaching or what was going on during each week. He makes it so that every student can succeed in his class and overall makes the class extremely enjoyable.

Emmari Pureza, 2nd year, Biology Major

My favorite class was CHEM08LB with Kevin Kou. He is a really good teacher who puts things into simple, understandable terms and makes Organic Chemistry really enjoyable. He was super accessible and helpful during office hours and always took the time to properly answer any questions students asked him. He also offered a-synch options and recorded lectures, which made reviewing material easy. He genuinely wants you to succeed in his class and in your college career!

Dustin Le, 3rd year, History Major

My favorite class this quarter is History 139, African History in Fiction, Film and Science Fiction, taught by professor Ademide Adelusi-Adeluyi. She offers a modern perspective on history writing. We’ve looked at a lot of media that covers African stories to analyze how history is seen and actively being written all around the world.

Sandra Jacob, 2nd year, Geology Major

My favorite class was GEO 003, Headlines In the History of Life. The best part about it was being able to analyze different fossils in the lab portion of the class. The class had a great professor who made the lectures really engaging and kept topics interesting. I really enjoyed getting to learn about different organisms that lived during each time period, the history of mass extinctions, dinosaurs and the K-T extinction and soft-bodied organisms during the Ediacaran period.

Aaron Nissanka, 2nd year, Economics Major

My favorite class recently has been my Scriptwriting class. It’s the most relaxing class I have had and I love going to the class just because of Professor Bucklin and my TA, Karly, alone. They’re both the sweetest and most respectful people I’ve had recently. I always love going into conversations with them about any type of movie or show. Despite going into Economics and Computer Science, watching movies and discussing them/getting to learn how to write a script has always been a hobby for me and it helps me relax especially with the type of movies they give out. I loved the movies they gave out and do deep dives in, especially going into the directors and actors of these films, and the behind the scenes of them. It gives me more appreciation for those films and movies in general. This class also helped give me more content for my Letterboxd.

Hong-An Trang, 4th year, Education, Society and Human Development Major

I loved taking Education 179A, Language Development in Content Areas, with Aya Shhub. It was the first education class I took that focused on methods and teaching strategies rather than theory. I could clearly see myself applying what I was learning to my future classroom and it made me excited for my career!