Summer Style and the Power of Fashion: Insider Tips from Vain UCR Club

Discover the latest summer fashion tips and advice straight from the President of Vain UCR, Austin Laniyi, as The Highlander interviews him for exclusive insights.

Courtesy of Vain UCR

Welcome to the world of fashion and self-expression with Vain UCR! In an exclusive interview with Austin Laniyi, the club’s president and upcoming fourth-year student at UCR, The Highlander delves into the topic of summer fashion. Alongside his involvement in UCR club’s soccer and his passion for anime, manga and fashion, Austin founded Vain UCR in the fall quarter of last year, igniting a movement of fashion enthusiasts on campus. What initially began as a fledgling Instagram account showcasing student outfits quickly grew into a separate vibrant account that fosters a sense of belonging and inclusivity. Vain UCR actively showcases student creativity in fashion through digital magazine issues. The club also hosts exciting events like fashion runways, with applications now open for the upcoming fall quarter runway show. 

When it comes to summer fashion, there is a clear distinction from other seasons, as the warmer weather calls for a different approach to styling an outfit. Unlike winter fashion, which typically focuses on layering to keep warm, summer fashion embraces the opportunity to show off more skin due to increased heat. This encourages individuals to embrace their bodies and feel more confident in experimenting with various styles that compliment their body types. Austin, sharing his insight on summer fashion, also highlighted a couple of his personal favorite staples that he believes are here to stay. Among these cherished pieces are jean shorts and crop tops, which not only are stylish and versatile but also embody the essence of summer fashion with their comfort and effortless appeal. 

When asked what a good summer wardrobe consists of, Austin expressed that there is no definitive answer. According to him, the notion of a good summer wardrobe is subjective, and should be left to each individual’s discretion and personal appeal of style. Importantly, building a great summer wardrobe doesn’t necessarily require you to go on a shopping spree for new clothes. It can be accomplished by working with what one already has available in their wardrobe by finding creative ways to mix and match pieces to create great outfits. By embracing individuality and resourcefulness, one can create a summer wardrobe that reflects their personal style. 

Austin is an avid supporter of fashion icon and creator Miles Baguette, whom he highly recommends to those seeking fashion inspiration. Additionally, Vain UCR’s spring runaway events and captivating content showcased on their Instagram page emit summer vibes and inspiration. These resources can ignite creativity and help you curate a distinct summer wardrobe. 

If you’re an incoming freshman embarking on your college journey, it’s crucial for you to cultivate confidence and explore your personal style. You can do this by looking at online resources such as Pinterest or Depop. Discovering diverse fashion inspiration can help shape your own aesthetic and enhance self expression. Surrounding oneself with accepting and welcoming individuals is also equally important. It’s vital that the people that surround you embrace every aspect of your identity, allowing you to express yourself without judgment. 

Incorporating hobbies as inspiration can be a game-changer when it comes to occasions such as vacations, graduation celebrations and more. Let your personal interests guide your fashion choices, as it adds an authentic touch to your wardrobe. 

In sharing final thoughts, Austin emphasized the importance of not solely relying on online sources for fashion inspiration. Instead, he advises that people should observe the individuals around them and trust their own judgment. He noted that just because a trend appears to be fading online doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. This can also apply to the popularity of a trend, it doesn’t mean that it’s widely followed in people’s daily lives. Therefore, don’t overvalue online options and disregard criticism for either following or not following a trend. Ultimately, your own opinions hold more significance in shaping your personal style than anything you see online.