Sofia Luis-Brown

“My favorite Halloween movie is ‘Scream’ because it always puts me in the fall mood and there’s lots of movies within the franchise!” – Sofia Luis-Brown (she/her), Second Year English Major

Katelyn DePew

“My favorite Halloween movie is ‘Coraline.’ The movie is stop motion animation and everything you see is made out of clay. I’ve loved the book and the movie since I was a little kid. Last year for Halloween, I went as the Other Mother.” – Katelyn DePew (she/her), Third Year Business Major

George Herrera

“‘Scared Shrekless’ is a nostalgic cinematic masterpiece that conveys wholesome family values all while honoring the spookiest time of year. No other piece of cinema has even came close to replicating the effect ‘Scared Shrekless’ had on society ” – George Herrera (he/him), Fourth Year Chemical Engineering Major

Dustin Le

“‘Coraline’ is one of my favorite Halloween movies because ‘Coraline’ is the movie that made me really like stop motion, plus ‘Coraline’ is spooky.” – Dustin Le (he/him), Fourth Year History Major

Michael Fields

“Insidious’ and ‘The Nun 2.’ They’re my favorite Halloween/fall movies because they’re not like typical scary movies that are all about jump scares. Insidious also has a special place in my heart because it was the first scary movie I ever saw.” – Michael Fields (he/him), Second Year History Major

Liam Burley

“‘Conjuring 2’, [it] reminds me of good times in COVID.” – Liam Burley (he/him), First Year Public Policy Major

Justin Tran

“I really like ‘Coraline,’ as I enjoy bothering my friends by pausing and pointing out the various easter eggs and little details to them!” – Justin Tran (he/him/his), Fourth Year Psychology Major