Athletes all over the world have famous nicknames. Some of them even have spooky nicknames to showcase their scary talent. Here are some of our favorite athlete’s Halloween comparisons.

Nikola “The Joker” Jokić

One of the most important ones is Nikola Jokić, aka the Joker. There are actually two main reasons why Jokić got the nickname. The first being that his former teammate, Mike Miller, simply could not pronounce his name right and decided to call him Joker. However, that is not the only reason why Jokić is called the Joker. His constant act of surprising the NBA with his moves, being unpredictable and always grinning while playing resembles the characteristics of “Batman’s” villain, the Joker. Jokić also got his nickname for crushing his opponents and making their lives strenuous, just like the real Joker. Jokić beat the Los Angeles Lakers in a sweep for the Western Conference finals and also beat the Miami Heat in the NBA finals in just five games, securing this eerie nickname by showing everyone just how dangerous and unpredictable he is.

Kevin “Slim Reaper” Durant

Another famous nickname is “Slim Reaper” attributed to the renowned Kevin Durant. He mainly earned this nickname because of his frame. He is tall, slim and agile, but his actions cemented the nickname when NBA fans witnessed his ability to reap the souls of his opponents on the basketball court with his deadly scoring abilities. The nickname highlights his dominance on the court, as he is known for his exceptional skills as a scorer.

Red “Galloping Ghost” Grange

A Hall of Famer in the NFL world has one of the best nicknames given to the sport. Red Grange was inducted into the Pro Bowl Hall of Fame. His college teammates gave him the name “The Galloping Ghost,” Grange got this nickname from his running style; it was so smooth and elusive that it seemed like he was gliding across the field — some people would say just like a ghost. His skill at maneuvering players and avoiding tackles while making amazing plays gave him that ghost-like movement that earned him his nickname. Red Grange is considered one of the greatest football players in the history of the sport, and his nickname “The Galloping Ghost” will forever be in the fans’ and NFL’s hearts. 

Torii “Spiderman” Hunter

Finishing off this list is a very popular nickname. Torii Hunter was a former MLB player, and he got the name “Spiderman.” Hunter was known for agility, athleticism and acrobatic plays in the outfield. He was able to make catches in the outfield by scaling the outfield walls, resembling what Spiderman would do. His increasing leaping ability and fearless approach to taking down flying balls helped secure his nickname as Spider-Man; he carried this nickname throughout his career as a symbol for his defensive powers. The MLB has since seen a player who could do half of what he has done.