On Feb. 19, LE SSERAFIM, a K-pop girl group with Source Music, which is a label under HYBE, released “EASY,” the group’s third EP. The concept that has been going on since the group’s debut is described by Spotify as one of “self-confidence and iron will as they go out into the world fearlessly and unwavering before the watchful eyes of the world.” This EP continues this narrative through the themes of ambition, perseverance and, of course, fearlessness.

The introduction to the EP, “Good Bones,” is not so much a song but rather more of a narration. The title seems to be a reference to Maggie Smith’s viral poem of the same name. Throughout the track, each of the five members speaks in their respective first languages — Sakura and Kazuha speak Japanese, Chaewon and Eunchae speak Korean and Yunjin speaks English. Having members speak different languages in a single song is a unique choice that isn’t very common in the K-pop industry, despite there being a lot of K-pop groups with members of different nationalities. The spoken words remind the listeners that despite being idols with a group name that references seraphs, angelic religious beings, LE SSERAFIM lives on the same mortal plane as them. 

The instrumental of the song is electric guitar-driven accompanied by other elements of rock, such as drums. It made listeners excited to listen to a killer rock concept before they were let down by the narration. It felt as if it could have been a similar song to “brutal” by Olivia Rodrigo, especially with the repetition of the chorus “Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it,” which has a similar vibe to the chorus in “brutal.” Instead, it felt like a wasted opportunity.

The title track is of the same name as the EP, “EASY.” Although this song could be brushed aside as another girl-boss hit made by a girl group, there are aspects that make it unique. One of those factors is the distinct instrumental. A Dispatch article describes, “The title track is based on a trap genre … It is a combination of catchy vocals from R&B style and addictive melody.” The instrumental is laid-back and trendy to make listeners feel effortlessly cool. 

The lyrics deliver a meaning of how nothing is easy, but they’re going to make it easy. Within the lyrics, there’s a reference to the phrase, “I’M FEARLESS,” which the group’s name, LE SSERAFIM, is an anagram of. In the second verse, Sakura sings, “I’m the FEARLESS.” The English lyrics sound confusing at times, and the ad-libs are a bit outdated (“Sheesh, sheesh, sheesh”), but these sorts of things are nothing new in K-pop songs. There’s autotune present in most of the song, but it fits in perfectly with the trap beat and doesn’t feel overdone or unnecessary. Many artists use autotune to hide their lack of talent, but LE SSERAFIM uses this instrument to flower rather than hinder their vocals. 

Following the title track is “Swan Song” with members Yunjin, Chaewon, Sakura and Kazuha receiving credits for writing it. The title leads listeners to think it’s a ballad, but the beat is surprisingly chill. The chords that guide the song are first introduced within the first few seconds and are repeated in a way that gets stuck in your head. This is a track that could make it to the mainstream as even people who don’t listen to K-pop can easily tell how catchy it is. The fast rapping in the second verse flows very well and is a good contrast to the slower beat, while the twinkling sound bite that plays throughout the song gives the track an especially magical vibe and listeners able to close their eyes in serenity as the melody gently floats into their ears.

Next, “Smart” is an amapiano-inspired track, characterized by synths and wide percussive basslines with Yunjin listed for being one of the songwriters behind it. The distinct rhythm makes this one of the more upbeat tracks on the album, encouraging listeners to get up and groove. However, the autotune in this song wasn’t as great as in “EASY” as listeners would prefer to hear the girls’ high notes without autotune. According to Apple Music, the members are singing about how “it’s not just effort but also cleverness that informs their continued success.”

The last track on the EP, “We got so much,” is dedicated to the group’s fans, FEARNOTs. It was pre-released during the first solo tour in August 2023. Both Yunjin and Eunchae took part in writing the lyrics for this song. In it, the girls thank FEARNOTs for their continued support and tell them that their hard work is for them. Similarly to many of the other songs on the track list, it has a chill beat but also features high notes that are, thankfully, without autotune.

Verdict: LE SSERAFIM’s EP “EASY” should definitely make its way to being your go-to whenever you need music in the background of a chill weekend as you relax, awaiting the recession of winter and the slow return of spring.