In a recent college survey conducted by Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University in the Netherlands, UCR ranked No. 36 in overall performance among the world’s top 500 universities. UCR’s natural science and engineering departments placed into the top 10 alongside MIT, UC Santa Barbara, Harvard and Stanford.

“I am delighted that our school’s brilliant faculties and students are acknowledged,” said Reza Abbaschian, Distinguished Professor and Dean of Engineering. “As we know, Leiden is one of the most unbiased indicators of college performances, basing its result only on solid research data.”

The Leiden Ranking, which based universities’ performances solely on scholarly impact, provides clear, objective and scientific results. It does not factor in any self-reported survey or reputation into its calculation.

“The ranking is developed by leading experts in the fields of bibliometrics, scientometrics and informetrics; it has 25 years of experience in providing large-scale database investigations to governmental agencies and private institutions,” Leiden’s website states.

The annual Leiden Ranking measures the number of publications, citations-per-publication and field-averaged impact per publication issued by each university to determine its performance.

“I’m really excited about the Leiden report,” said first-year bioengineering major Timothy Lin. “The science and engineering departments of our school is like hidden jewels. U.S. News should reevaluate their methodology of ranking colleges. And honestly, I’ve never doubted that I’m working with some of the world’s most excellent peers and faculties in my research.”

Other UC campuses that also made it into the top 40 were UC Santa Barbara at number two, UC San Diego at number 19, UCLA at number 20, UC Santa Cruz at number 21 and UC Irvine at number 37.