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“The Iron Lady” Movie Review

As a die-hard Meryl Streep fan, I sincerely wanted to love “The Iron Lady” as much as I adore nearly every film she has...

“War Horse” Movie Review

“War Horse,” directed by Steven Spielberg, premiered Dec. 25, 2011 as a war drama featuring the story of a horse passed from person to...

“The Devil Inside” Movie Review

“The Devil Inside,” directed by William Brent Bill, was simply shocking. What was shocking is how the played out fake documentary-style filming and atrocious...

No Kilts Allowed: Fashion Column

In the midst of budget crises, increasing class sizes and the daily struggle to wake up for 8 a.m. class, there is yet another...

“The Artist” Movie Review

“The Artist” is an exquisite piece from director Michel Hazanavicius that combines the nostalgia of the silent film era with fresh, bold innovation. An...