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Disney fans, is it fair to pay for a $1000 annual pass?

On October 4, Disneyland officially increased the prices of all tickets, passes and parking on their website. Most notably, the park removed their $779...

“Who is right? The pope or the vandals?”

  On September 23rd, Pope Francis visited Washington DC. During the pope’s trip, he canonized — which is to declare sainthood — a controversial 18th...

“What Can California do to Minimize Wildfires?”

  Recently, Lake County in Northern California experienced one of the worst wildfires in the state's history. It all started with a spark. Local fire...

“Should You Cross the Train Tracks?”

  At UCR, there is a tradition where students hike up to the “C” on the Box Springs Mountains. It is rumored that students can...

“Are Immigrants to Blame for California’s Drought?”

Recently, a non-profit organization, called the Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), ran an ad campaign, which placed the cause for California's drought on its...